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  1. You were right Dave! They took of the rear bumper, and flaps were leaking! But also the rubber seal on both sides by the footwells was deteriotated a bit and they found water going through, so wasn't just one problem, was a few! :) just hoping those were the only things and its solved now! Paid £50, and quite happy, good lads in that garage. They said they vacumed out like 5 liters of water from the sound insulation mats and carpets, crazy..
  2. By rubber flaps i believe you mean the mentioned plugs? They were not missing, in fact we removed them which let all the water drain out thankfully! You must have missed me talking about this 🙂 So they're not the reason. I didn't even know what they're for. We removed the flaps under the footwells as well to drain the water. But literally, there must have been at least 3-4 leters of water under the back seats, wth...
  3. Anyone still following this?? I've been having this problem for a while now, water in BOTH footwells! Read all 4 pages of this thread, and was thinking must be the aircon drain pipe as well, as that was the most popular problem here by the looks of it 🙂 But today there was a huge development, and we discovered something! So i thought I'd share, because I've not seen this mentioned here at all! Apart from both footwells completely soaking, I've noticed the back seat is quite wet too, which was veeeery weird, as i couldn't figure out why and how it gets wet being completely covered by
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