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  1. It arrived today. I'm picking it with a 21 plate on Monday. Squeeeee!
  2. It arrived at the dealer earlier today. 🙂 Collecting it on Monday. Happy days.
  3. I'd like it on or before the 1st as the insurance on my Auris needs renewing then!!
  4. Well apparently it's due to arrive in the next couple of days. Then to hope the dealer is quiet and it can be ready to go at the weekend.
  5. The MyT app on my phone says it's been built. I did end up emailing the dealer who confirmed it's built and think they should get it by the end of the week. Fingers crossed eh? 🙂
  6. I've been through the hoops of exchanging my Auris for a new Corolla Icon Tech 1.8 😀 Apparently it's been built so I assume its in a car park near Derby. Does anyone know how long it takes to deliver the car to the dealer? Thank you
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