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  1. Does anyone know of a product to use to dye/paint/colour the 1/2" band of red that runs around the front of the back of the front drivers seat. which has worn the red off getting in and out. Or do I just leave it? {not the red stitching.] thanks J.P.
  2. Having put destination into unit a display of 3 options pops up ,literally,pops up for only a couple of seconds not giving my grey matter time to decide which route/option to go for. My question is:- Is there any way of getting these options to stay on screen for longer ? Please. Jon P. [2020 Corolla Excel Sport Estate 2.0ltr.]
  3. Hi all members of this forum who gave assistance,and particularly Michael and Martin who doggedly stuck with me to SOLVE the issue. As you see took about 1 1/2 hours to load. Over the years I had 6 Avensis and never encountered a problem updating the maps but this Corolla really pulled me down. However finally the issue is resolved. THANK YOU. Jon P.
  4. Michael. Just looked again. 3 hours 45mins ??????????????
  5. Martin. Just checked computer downloads and have Zipped download :-2022 v1 Mapupdate.zip with size 12.974.148 Clicked on that and shows :- FMU Clicked on that and shows
  6. Hi Martin. The reason for looking to be in Pictures is that I made a folder in pictures to put the screenshots into. No CD or DVD drive used. All sticks were new and formatted. You have been great but my mind is scrambled now. I cannot remember all that I have tried, Would you be so very kind to, in simple terms, run me through the process from my downloading the zipped folder, from purchase, to my laptop. ??
  7. Hi. Sticks used are 16gb. 32gb., and 64gb., Martin. As in the last picture all 6 files were the only ones on the stick. Obviously my computing skill are limited. J.P.
  8. Hi and thank you ALL for your contributions but I am going to commit hari kari. Tried,have I tried, in fact at so many stages I have left the house and gone to the car I have worn a path. New clean formatted sticks. RE downloaded my purchase from Toyota site to computer. Put the zip onto stick. NOTHING. Deleted from stick. Unzipped file and onto stick NOTHING Tried zip file and un zip on stick NOTHING. Put each FMU file onto clean stick. NOTHING. Each of these stages I tried with ignition on,engine on, waiting 5 minutes etc. Got NOT gardening done at all. each download was upto 45 minutes. USB works for a stick with music on so believe that is ok.
  9. Hi Michael. Thank you for this. Have now tried several times but no go. Sorry. Below is what is on computer after un zipping and also on NEW formatted Fat32 stick but alas nothing when plugged into car. Jon P.
  10. Downloaded update to computer [showing] and received activation code. Expanded zip file on computer to a folder. Put USB into computer and downloaded 'un zipped' files [6] to USB. Placed USB into car socket under dash near glove box. NOTHING. Not a sausage. Tried ignition on, ignition on standby, ignition off, radio on, radio off, car connected to internet. NOTHING. Anyone help please as current map is 2019 and going on holiday so could do with being upto date. Jon P.
  11. New to the car but unable to get TRIP clock to work ??? Odometer works fine as do other electrics.
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