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  1. So an update to this, it transpires its my smart watch upsetting this.If I turn the watch off all is well, so is there any work around this please?
  2. So an update to this is,it is now connected but I can’t get the contacts to sync!
  3. Hi, hope somebody can help me on this please? so the other day I noticed contacts weren’t syncing/ updating, so I disconnected the Iphone, deleted it then reconnected it , now today it won’t connect. So going into the settings I discovered “Bluetooth power “ is greyed out, and I can’t seem to solve it. it’s a 2014 car and an iPhone 11. Any help would be much appreciated, tia
  4. Thanks for that, managed to use a mates ramp, done from underneath, knocked it back a few turns and it’s better, but it’s still a little high, but my mk1 was and I think they all are.
  5. Thanks , is it from the top or underneath?
  6. Yeah, I’ve looked at that, and it’s all mk1’s, unless they’re the same?
  7. Can anybody advise me on how to adjust the clutch on a mk 2 Aygo please? It had a new clutch at Toyota 2 years ago and the bite point in second gear is right at the top
  8. Anyway, can anybody give me any links please for bulbs that they are satisfied with.
  9. Did the connections fit ok, they don’t get that good reviews
  10. Sounds good, have got a link please?
  11. I do feel sorry for your first world problems but you do read the news don’t you?
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