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  1. My insurance is coming up for renewal and whilst doing the annual searches etc., I just thought.....could we class our car location on 'My T' as a car tracker, since it always gives the current location! I appreciate that it is not a fitted device but ... opinions please. Thanks
  2. Still out of the sun - behind a three storey building on North face!! I do have a high quality lithium (500amp) booster charger which obviously works, but I don't fancy using it regularly, hence the post. This begs another question, would the booster eventually weaken the battery? You have to decide how much money to throw at this.
  3. Thanks for your replies guys! my father had a 1959 ford Anglia as well! Back to matters at hand. I live in a third floor apartment hence trickle charge not possible. I have an allocated parking slot, where the sun never shines on the front screen🙁 and of course tinted windows especially around the back. I was interested in one replier who used a solar charger. Is it likely to work in my scenario as above and is there an adaptor available to plug into the OBD? (since the auxiliary cigarette lighter is off with ignition off). Looking forward to the replies.
  4. Similar problems to other posts. Flat battery 4 times. Toyota stress tested battery, no problem! Apparently I need to do more/longer journeys. Question: 1. what is the AmpHours of the standard battery ? and could it be replaced by a more heavy duty (greater amp hours) 12 volt battery (of the same dimensions) to resolve my/our problem? Would doing this upgrade, maybe non toyota battery, invalidate toyota warranty?
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