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  1. Woke up this morning to find a big hole where my cat used to be. Annoyingly it’s on the Auris that is being traded in for my new Corolla in 3 weeks time. Apparently they cut through the exhaust, cut the wires & unbolted it outside my house while I slept!! Now concerned about how safe the cat on my new car will be?
  2. I’ve just had my dealership on the phone. I’ve ordered my new Corolla in Obsidian blue but apparently there is an issue with that colour at the factory which is causing delays on orders in that colour. Is there anyone else awaiting an Obsidian blue Corolla? Have you heard this?
  3. I ordered my Corolla excel on 19th February & was initially told to expect delivery at the end of March. This was however moved to early April. I have since been advised to give it a couple of weeks & check with the dealer again. Wouldn’t want it to be pushed back further.
  4. I ordered a Corolla excel on Friday. Does anyone know what the turn around time from order to delivery is? Feels like it’s going to take forever!
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