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  1. I’ve just been into my local Toyota dealership to see if there is any news on my order. I know that I didn’t order it until February but to be told November if I’m lucky is a bit disappointing. Will probably cancel if I’m honest. Maybe going to look at a Hyundai Ionic 5 full EV.
  2. The dealership can tax it for a year & a few days. I questioned this when I picked up my Corolla last April. I got the car on 26th with 1 year 4 days tax on it.
  3. I use it all the time. Never let me down yet.
  4. Just sat here reading this topic & having a little chuckle to myself. My Corolla is 11 months old & has 6500 miles on the clock & I’ve never so much as located the bonnet catch 😳. It’s in for it’s yearly service next month & I will let the garage worry about it. Am I bad??
  5. So after only owning my Corolla for 12 months I decided to order a new RAV4 yesterday. Nothing wrong with the Corolla apart from being a bit low for me to get in & out of with a bad back. I’ve just got notification that the order is being processed & I’m not expecting it to arrive for between 6-10 months but I’ve just realised that it appears to be made in Russia. Wondering if that’s going to be an issue? Is it still built there?
  6. I can only speak from my experience. I ordered my Corolla in February & didn’t get any notification of build commencement until 2 weeks before it was delivered at the end of April. However, once things started to move they moved rapidly.
  7. I was told that heated steering wheel was not an option in the UK when I asked in February.
  8. Woke up this morning to find a big hole where my cat used to be. Annoyingly it’s on the Auris that is being traded in for my new Corolla in 3 weeks time. Apparently they cut through the exhaust, cut the wires & unbolted it outside my house while I slept!! Now concerned about how safe the cat on my new car will be?
  9. I’ve just had my dealership on the phone. I’ve ordered my new Corolla in Obsidian blue but apparently there is an issue with that colour at the factory which is causing delays on orders in that colour. Is there anyone else awaiting an Obsidian blue Corolla? Have you heard this?
  10. I ordered my Corolla excel on 19th February & was initially told to expect delivery at the end of March. This was however moved to early April. I have since been advised to give it a couple of weeks & check with the dealer again. Wouldn’t want it to be pushed back further.
  11. I ordered a Corolla excel on Friday. Does anyone know what the turn around time from order to delivery is? Feels like it’s going to take forever!
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