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  1. Solved!😄 1. Mic. Now is working. The final wiring is: MIC [RED // BLACK // WHITE] - LINK WIRE [BROWN // BLACK // GREY] - RADIO PIN [17 // 20 // 19] --> [RED-17 // WHITE-19 // BLACK-20] & PIN 12 + 18 But it was supposed to be [R-17 // B-19 // W-20 ] as this diagram says?? 2. The cam is working. First i was trying to connect the +6V // -6V from the navi system. I connect the cam video to a TV and didn't get any image. So I connect a video output to the navi system (ps1). And it worked. So the problem was on the cam, and maybe the power.
  2. Hello again!! I'm a little bit late, but i tried this weekend... no success.. Also, this document could help to instal the auris back camera I bought a cable with connector because i didn't have it. connector It comes with 2 items, one for 24 pin and the other for the rear signal. First the mic is not working: This is the genuine mic (RED-WHITE-BLACK) connected to the "custom" wiring from the roof lights. And this is the other side. The yellow crocodile is for pins 12+18. The red is at pin 17. The black is at pin 19. The white is at pin 2
  3. Thank you so much. I am very grateful. I will try it next weekend and post the results. Just for information, what is the meaning of TSW-, SGND-, TXM-, TXM+? Do I need to jumper together for the reverse camera (TSW-, SGND-)? So, if I "trick" the reverse+speed sense signals, could I use the video input (V+, V-)? Regards
  4. Hello, Do you have the pin in diagram for the B9005? I don't have any connector for the Grey one. What is the use of them? You have two wires, purple and red. Then you have 10pin connector, all of the used, aswell as i have, but with different colours. The next connector has 6 pin, you have used 4, but i have all of them used also with dual cables in some pin (i think these are for the speakers). Then the 20 pin connector with 3 cables (R-W-B) aswell asi have. But i don't know neither the used. And on the top, the 24 pin connector, for the camera. I don't have the
  5. Did you come across the solution for the mic?
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