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  1. Any advice on pulling an engine from a 2005 D4D? Out through the top or bottom?
  2. 2005 Rav4 2.0 D4D I am getting the following fault codes intermittently. P100, 101 &110. Not getting them all at once either P100 with 101 or P100 with 110. Cleaned the MAF and IAT. Noticed that on TS some times the code is recorder whilst engine is not running? See there is a common ground for the MAF & IAT could it be a bad connection on the ground and if so does anyone know the grounding point location? All and any comments welcome.
  3. Two questions if any knows the answers. 2002 D4D Fitted a new core and would like to know the pre load on the dump valve? Getting a whistle from the turbo when revved, is it normal on these engines or is it not dumping correctly? All help warmly received.
  4. BolkowBob

    EGR V/V

    Yes did all that and have looked at it with Techstream. Its more a question on the step motor that sits on top of the valve I think its the problem and I need some pin out readings to check the step motor.
  5. BolkowBob

    EGR V/V

    2002 D4D Rav4 Having problems with the EGR valve, anybody know how to test the step motor on top of unit?
  6. I have a 2002 Rav 4 d4d. Recently replaced turbo core, last one hade a major fail. All went back together ok but I now have oil passing the turbo seals, definitely on the air side and I think also on the exhaust side. Did all the usual clean up and oil/filter changes, cleaned out the sump pan and blew out the turbo return line. Getting a fairly rapid increase in breather pressure from the top end so I am wondering if its ring blow-by or leaking injector seals. Had a look at injectors with TIS and see two are slightly positive and two negative on displacement at idle, is this a clue? All comments welcome...help!!
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