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  1. I did not import the Toyota. I bought it here. (Portugal)
  2. Hey, do you think this works today? My auris is from 2013. (I dont know if I need to be in warranty or not ) Also, do you think it works in Portugal?
  3. It's solved. So basically I had a little bit of melted plastic in the bulb. So I just removed
  4. Yeah thanks . I think I will go to a dealership on Monday just to be sure
  5. Never noticed that. So what should I do? Leave the bulb there until it die or change it now, or go to a Toyota dealership?
  6. 55W and it's a OSRAM on the left and Philips on the right
  7. 55W and it's a OSRAM on the left and Philips on the right
  8. The left side bulb is still operational. But probably is near to be gone. Because the right side is gone.
  9. The left side bulb is still operational.
  10. Hello, I am desperate. I have a Auris 2013 1.4D Today I changed the halogen bulb from the medium and long range light. ( HIR 2). I changed the bulb from the right side. While I turned on the headlight, while the bonnet was open I started to get a burning smell (but this time from the HIR2 from the left side.) I tracked the smell and I FOUND SMOKE. I'm in panic. What should I do. The smell and smoke just happen when I have the medium or long range turned on. Help please.
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