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  1. Hi Captain Solo, Sorry Captain Solo , you seem to have misunderstood. The only problem with the car when reported to the garage was that it was blowing cold air, no heating. Apart from that the car was running fine in every respect. It was accelerating like knew, the sound of engine normal in every respect, no hesitation whatsoever at starting the engine, no overheating , and no leaks on the engine or under the car.. The coolant level was checked (in the overflow reservoir) by one partner mechanic at the garage when I first reported the heater fault and he said the car should be fine
  2. Hi Captain Solo, and thank you for your response. To your question: When was the first time I noticed the car hard starting, runs rough, hesitates, cannot accelerate? My honest reply is this: There was none of this when I reported the car to the garage (10 February 2021), and none of that when delivered to the garage 0n (16 February2021). The sole problem we know of and for which the car was taken to the garage was that there was no heating inside the car and the heating/cooling vents were blowing cold air, but the middle vents between the driver seat and the passenger seat were
  3. Thank you gezhenry and Scarlett Arrow, your response is much appreciated. I think it is wiser not to name the garage at this sage lest it be regarded 'defamatory'. No. I have not consulted anybody yet. I am using my own legal knowledge ( I am a retired university lecturer in Law), and the knowledge I got from reading manuals and expert opinions about the specific problem in hand, namely: the heater blowing cold air but no heating. The garage has a duty of care, and in my view their care in this case was sub-standard. In my view the garage blew up the gasket out of negligence,
  4. My Toyota Celica 2004 vti had a heating problem - blowing cold air but no heating. the car was bought new, has been serviced and MOT certified at the same garage since 2004. My wife and I have seen no signs of a leak of any sort on or under the car, no white smoke emitted, and the engine showed no sign of overheating. everything seemed normal when the car was checked in for repairs- apart from the heater blowing cold air, but no heating. The weather since Chrismas 2020 was generally cold (frost at night and some days occasional snow). And as we were in the Covid - 19 lockdown si
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