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  1. Nope is in accurate I also am in close contact with Toyota the PHEV will continue please delete his post as it is in accurate
  2. What “mobile phone laws” apply to an integrated hands free system? Show us your evidence
  3. Are you defending the FAKE NEWS or agreeing I’m correct?
  4. The inaccurate post should be deleted by admins as it is wrong and FAKE NEWS
  5. Following Devon Toyotas claim the Prius PHEV has been discontinued this is False News the Prius HV is discontinued the PHEV lives on
  6. Rig up a MagSafe wireless charger plugged into the usb as the Qi charger wigs out with the magnets in the 12
  7. To be honest if you can get a 2022 or even a second hand 2020 it’s worth the upgrade
  8. If it’s an early iPhone have the “settings” page for personal hotspot open when tethering. It’s an apple bug
  9. Yup and Excited is an understatement. perfect colour perfect tech level and imho perfect drive
  10. Update: Looks like 10 months is holding true. MyT confirmed today the the Prius is being built. ETA Late July 2022
  11. Oh yes. You only try that embarrassment once
  12. I bet your seat position is set low then. I’m 6’2 and I risked concussion every time. Hence a new Prius on order not a Corolla (ex Auris) TS
  13. ACP is available in 70 by cable only. you have to turn it on in the general settings of the infotainment system “Apple car play” enable. also pair with you iPhone (iOS 13 or above)
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