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  1. Why would you not like to keep your car in warranty?
  2. Nope. The higher spec models had a JBL head unit and amp. Had one in my 2005 Prius and beyond. Not a head unit issue if amp has a lose wire. Standard head unit not JBL has no external amp
  3. Ok. hybrid vs petrol hybrid takes some pressure off for petrol - say 50% of the engine drive hybrid reduces brake pad wear with electronic braking put your foot down and electric assist gives a little punch on pull away
  4. Had a JBL in all but one of my Prius. Much superior spread of sound.
  5. Is it a JBL head unit? if it is your problem may lay with a loose connection at the amp. it’s located under the passenger seat.
  6. If you buy a Toyota approved used from a dealer you should get one year warranty on the car. Ask when the last hybrid health check was made and if there is any remaining hybrid warranty. Push them for a new 12v if you can. I did this to seal the deal in Doncaster for my second gen2. Don’t be scared to travel for the right car. Currently there is a red gen3 for £8k in York.
  7. Never had an idle higher than a conventional engine. Definitely not high revs for startup and engine comes to temp in less than 5 min. I think your estimate is quite low tbh. But everyone has their own experiences on here.
  8. That should read Gen3. the nice Gen2 was post 2007
  9. A gen 2 post 2012 facelift model (has the daylight running lights) would probably be the best cost/features car T3 is the base model then T4 and the T sprit is the top of the range which normally comes with a JBL stereo and sat nav
  10. Certainly something to work into your maths if you think it’s a consideration is the amount of time the electric portion takes off the petrol motor and the fact that the ICE is limited on its max revs. I think (probably need to be fact checked by the gurus on here ) that the gen 2 max revs are 6,500 on the ICE. my thoughts (just my musings) are that if a car has 50,000 miles and it’s average EV% journey time is 40% the ICE is more like 30,000 miles of a conventional non hybrid petrol.
  11. Not a fan of gen3 as they were a bit more twitchy. I went from 2 gen2 to a gen4 rust was never a problem for me even on my 9 year old 2007 gen2
  12. Never had an issue with redex diesel. Half a bottle every 6 months. No more.
  13. Not experience this. In fact quite the opposite. Burnt off a number of Essex Boy racers at lights when you boot the Prius in power mode and both engines kick in to give you that killer torque. your mk 2 will probably cost you 11p per mile.
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