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  1. I would like to add that the road tax on my Aygo is 6 times cheaper than the Peugeot 307 and the gas expense is half of the 307. So really I'm glad to be driving an Aygo as our 2nd car.
  2. I have an Aygo and a Peugeot 208, both 3 cylinders cars that make a lot of noise. But cheap on road taxes and gas expenses here in DK since both are rated at around 23km/l. But sometimes I do miss my quiet, 4 cylinder Peugeot 307.
  3. Hey, Did you do under the metal tray? And if you did, did it silence the engine more?
  4. Not really, but I think I figured it out.
  5. Heres a blow up of the frames https://www.tomzzaudio.de/Speaker-rings-adapter-suitable-for-Citroen-c1-c4-Jumpy-Peugeot-107-308-Toyota-Aygo-ProAce-165mm
  6. I just bought these HØJTTALLER RAMMER PSA, 165MM. Does anyone which side is down on the grill or which side the speaker sits on?
  7. HI, before I put my Hertz 170.3 component speakers in the front doors, I'm eager to know how much soundproofing to do. I have strips of 2mm Noico sound dampening material. Is it necessary to put the strips inside the doors? Thanks Mcjensen. https://noico.info/articles/sound-deadening-main-areas/
  8. Well, my DRL'S are indeed working. I needed to start the engine, leave the light switch in the off position, with the parking brake off and the transmission in neutral, then I got out of the car to see them glowing for the first time. So the DRL'S do turn on automatically when I start to drive, so I don't need to turn the headlights on in the daytime anymore, just at night. (Before DRL day, I often forget to turn the headlights off in the daytime after I shut down the engine). Here in DK, during the daytime cars need to have some kind of lights on.
  9. I'm thinking of drilling a hole and putting new tweeters in the A-pillar, as well as maybe also using the factory tweeters in the dash. Did you have the factory HU, or an aftermarket, or an extra amplifier ? Takes a lot of juice to power all those speakers.
  10. That would be hard to do and drive at the same time. I just bought Hertz 6.5" component speakers with tweeters. Have to figure out the wiring. But first will be some door sound dampening.
  11. Here in DK, I saw someone is selling a brand new Hertz Sub-box, DS25" 10" for half price. Don't know if it would fit in the rear, or even how to get wires to it.
  12. I searched the forum and got this Toyota parts website off of a flash22 post from Jan13. Any ideas where the drl relay module might be? This diagram is for my particular Aygo. http://toyotamarket.ru/eu/101510/006/4/8401/2/ Heres a pic of my car
  13. Okay thanks, I will search for the relay box.
  14. The relay box probably is hidden under something in the right front of the engine room.
  15. Well they are off all the time. The number 2 DRL fuse in the fuse box in the engine room, is okay. Maybe its the R4 DRL relay fuse, though I can't seem to find the relay box in the engine room.
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