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  1. Ok, so we need to get a ECU with number 25. thank you guys
  2. Hi, My friend has a Toyota Auris automatic 2007, he want to replace his MMT Multi-mode ECU, as you can see on attached files, the one with number 25 is the original and the one with the number 27 is the new one, we want to know if we can replace the original with the new one ? If it is compatible ? Thanks. Sorry for my poor english.
  3. Hi, My friend has a Toyota Auris 2007 automatic and when he stops at a red light or elsewhere, the gearbox locks on "N" and he can no longer move forward, he has to stop the engine and wait 10 seconds and start again. We want to try to fix this ourselves, he did a diagnostic and get an error P0810, you can find a picture in attached files. Can you help us find out where exactly the problem is coming from? (sorry for my poor English) Thanks
  4. Thanks but I'm not sure I understood correctly, I can plug the red wire like this ?
  5. Thanks but I still need some clarification, which cable I should plug into pin 5?
  6. Hi all First, sorry for my poor english. I just purchased a Toyota Auris (2010) with a TNS510 radio, I want to install a rear view camera, so after some search on google i found this : But the problems, this is for switching the camera ON when gear while not in reverse! I want to switch the camera ON only while gear is in reverse! Then my english is poor, so I need some clarification. I did a diagram (find attached files), it is correct? So, no need to plug wire to the rear beam lamp ? Thanks, hope you can help me.
  7. Hi everyone Recently purchased a Toyota Auris Hybrid (2010), so I'm here to share tips and helps.
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