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  1. Depends on the bike rack. The Thule EasyFold has a 13 pin connector (and therefore presumably the reversing light capability - although I must say I've not checked). But a lot do have 7 pin connectors as you say. I believe you can get a converter, so my choice would have been 13 pin to future proof even if I had gone with a 7 pin bike rack. Hope that helps. PS - surprised that the Trek doesn't offer a factory fit tow bar option. My understanding is the Trek is essentially a modified TS and in the previous discussion it seemed clear that a factory fit was possible for the TS (just not the hatch). However it was equally clear that people were getting very mixed messages from dealers so could be worth double checking.
  2. Although thinking about it, if the sensors are behind the rear seats then maybe that wouldn't be too restrictive in the hatch. Probably more so in the TS? I'll keep an eye out for it though. Thanks again.
  3. Many thanks for the tip tadcad, I'll keep an eye out for that. It would certainly be very limiting to loading the car up if you have to stick to the level of the parcel shelf (and very disappointing if you can't shut off that feature). Has anyone else experienced the same? I might try and recreate this with some empty boxes over the weekend ! Thanks again, Phil
  4. PS - If anyone is interested in tow bar mounted bike racks, we got the "Thule EasyFold XT2" in the end. Again, not a cheap option, but very pleased. Very robust, lockable and folds up nicely to stow in the garage when not in use. Some photos of the rack on the car (on the new tow bar !!) below for interest.... As you'll see below it will fold back to allow access into the boot and this works really well (again very solid and secure):
  5. As promised, I've added some more information / experience and some photos to the original thread linked above. Hope that helps, Keith - let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Close up with tow bar in place (sorry I forgot to pull down the electric fitting so you can't even see it in the picture !). Close up with tow bar removed - nice and neat !! Tow bar itself out of the car. Long view with the tow bar in place Long view with tow bar removed (nothing in sight !)
  7. Following the great discussion and advice in the thread above, I thought I would provide a brief summary of what I got in the end and a few photographs. Hope that will help anyone with a similar question in the future. After all the good advice, I did, indeed, buy a Corolla - in the end I went for the 2.0 L and picked up an ex-demonstrator model (so about 6 months old and about 2000 miles on the clock). Very pleased with it so far !! Regarding the tow bar, I did get this fitted by the dealer in the end. The dealer confirmed the conclusions discussed on here - that is to say, you can get a tow bar fitted on the hatchback (despite being told it was not possible at one point), but it cannot be factory fitted (unlike the TS), it has to be a dealer fit which does make it pricey. In the end I paid £729 ex VAT (£875 inc VAT) which was a bit less than I'd originally been told (£1000). Not sure if that was related to the fact I got the ex-demo car in the end rather than new, but I wasn't complaining. Still pricey though (compared to third party quotations) - however, to be clear I am very pleased with the tow bar and the installation. It is a great bit of kit and a super tidy job so I'm very happy to have spent the extra money. I went for the "vertical detachable" option and when it is not attached you really would have no idea the car had a tow bar fitment there (even the attachment for the power folds up under the rear trim so is not visible when not in use !! You just pull it down when you want to use it). I'll include some pictures with the bar on and off so you can get the idea. Fitting the bar can be a bit fiddly, but it has a nice colour coding system so it is clear when it is securely fastened. It also has a lock and key to prevent it being pinched. The pictures will hopefully illustrate and these will follow in my next post. I've not done anything yet regarding the roof bars - we don't need the capacity just yet, so we'll live with the car until we do and then can make a better decision regarding roof box size - however for the rails I think the genuine Toyota ones are the ones to go for (I've already found the locating points). I'll post a further update as and when we do anything further on this. As I say, photos to follow....
  8. Hi Keith, I asked the same question when I joined the forum and got some great feedback. I'm not sure how to link to a thread, but if you search for my posts you should find it (and I'm sure some other kind forum member will add a link if they can !!). I keep meaning to post some pictures of my tow bar (I got a detachable tow bar (the "vertical" option) in the end), but haven't got round to it yet - will try and do so this evening. Cheers, Phil
  9. Roof bar option definitely the cheaper option if you haven't already got a tow bar fitted. Although I thought I'd attach a photo of my tow bar mounted carrier (on a hatch) for interest. Took it out for a first run into the country on Monday and it was extremely sturdy and secure. Mine is the Thule EasyFold XT2 - not a cheap option but I can definitely recommend on experience so far. Cheers, Phil
  10. Hi Devine, Unfortunately, I don't believe it is possible to fit a boot mounted bike rack on the Corolla (TS or hatch). This is the page from Roofbox.co.uk: https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4_tab.php/car-specific-accessories/bike_carrier_options_/Qx%40w%2C6M4%2CME}%40nkCu5P5zqBAFEw0kVTgozjqeVfI}7RLNbw{r%40Zq%40`TQOX~tuCxh9bfZTrB2eA9f%40y%40 I have just bought a tow bar mounted bike rack which I'm very pleased with. There's a thread on tow bar fitting elsewhere on this forum which I started before I bought my car (and got many useful replies). I've got the car, tow bar and bike rack now and am planning to update that thread with some photos when I find some time. Sorry not to have better news (and if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will step in and say !!). Cheers, Phil
  11. Sorry, above edited for accuracy (sorry Rambler - I mis-attributed your pictures !!)
  12. Good thinking Rav4ster - although in my case I'll be buying the tow bar as part of the deal for the car, so I don't think I'll be in a position to ask for the rear crash bar back. Although your comment helps me better understand what they are doing here. I did wonder if they were putting all this additional metal work into the car how that would affact fuel economy etc, but if the new fitting is to replace something (so it's just a rear crash bar with a tow bar fitting included) then that should be of minimal or less impact (although comments welcome if I have this wrong). Things are moving forward with the car, negotations are nearly complete. I heard from the dealer today that they will fit a "vertical" detachable tow bar (which seems to be the best option from what I've read). When I have the car I'll post another update with some photographs for info (and to hopefully help anyone else who reads this thread with a similar question in the future). It will be interesting to compare the layout with the photos posted by Devon Aygo of the horizontal type. Cheers, Phil
  13. I found the below link. It's not related to Toyota towbars but gives an interesting summary of the differences between the horizontal and vertical types: http://www.towbarsdirect.co.uk/detachable.htm#:~:text=A horizontal detachable towbars is,part of the main towbar.&text=On newer vehicles a vertical,leaves room for a horizontal. I'll ask the question of the dealer tomorrow and see what their advice is. Thanks again for all the information.
  14. Thanks again for the useful posts Rambler and Devon Aygo. I noted the distinction between the vertical and horizontal detachable bars in your reply, Devon. I'll admit to not having heard of this distinction before ! Reading up on the internet it sounds like vertical could be preferred on the basis it is less visible when the bar is detached. However I note you have the horizontal, Rambler and it looks pretty smart. Any thoughts and advice on which to choose (assuming I'm given the choice - the dealer didn't even mention the distinction when I enquired). Thanks again.
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