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    Camry 2.2l

    Bascially i'm trying to track down a 5sfe 2.2, which is proving a royal PITA!! anyone know of any going for not mega amounts of money? i'm willing to buy the whole car if need be ie MOT failure etc... Any info would be greatly appreciated! :) Cheers
  2. very nice, favourite shape of Scoob that one :) What power is it putting out with the TD05?
  3. 350bhp would be the absolute limit imo. Would feel safer running around 330ish though
  4. SS issues are normally clunks/bangs and not squeeks so maybe something else...
  5. I like it! What kinda power is it runnin?
  6. Jones~32


    decat/exhaust, intake. all will help power/torque limited on how much boost you can run if on the stock headgasket, would need to upgrade to a metal one and stick some ARP bolts in there while your at it.
  7. 3G front discs & SARD Pads, stock rear discs and pads Brakes are pretty mighty, can lock them up on demand
  8. impressive :) what front splitter is that? anymore pics of the car? looks nice :)
  9. think your getting a bit confused :P The turbo itself is cooled by the main radiator, the air that the turbo forces into the engine is cooled by the CC :) Which tubular manifold you got? please dont say the cheap ones seen on ebay :S
  10. decat, manifold, air filter. not going to see massive bhp though... Then it'd be onto more extensive things like cams, ecu, etc
  11. check the flywheel and make sure the face of it looks ok, otherthan that, good luck taking the weight of the gearbox
  12. Sounds like a settings issue then... never used the SBC-ID myself so not too sure what to suggest...
  13. what are your plans for the power of the car? if not massive then a stock clutch will be fine, contact TCB as they will be able to sort you one out :)
  14. Not been on here in a very very long time just thought i'd say hi! to anyone that remembers me.... :P
  15. seems strange, once the car is sorted, try turning the EBC off and seeing what boost it runs/holds...
  16. silly money! some going cheap on the oc at the moment if your interested mate ;)
  17. pic of the engine? think its the 158bhp but not 100%
  18. stock turbo is water cooled yes, but runs in the same system as your main radiator, not the charge cooler. FMIC is a bit fiddly but well worth it, the picture above isn't ideal but gives you an idea. Preferably clock the turbo so the compressor housing points down then run the 'cold' pipe from the passenger side and into the intake manifold. tryto avoid running it above the exhaust manifold as above... hth
  19. what other modifications does the car have? also how smooth is the boost when in 3rd gear? hold a constant 14/15psi?
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