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  1. Thanks, both. Tony your detailed reply is highly valued.
  2. Sorry for more follow up but I tend to overthink. Researching cvt I find repeated reference to noise levels. I know it's subjective but is the hybrid cvt quieter ? Unfortunately no hills within miles of dealer to test it driving up a hill. Advice appreciated. Having made some expensive past mistakes always hesitant.
  3. Are hybrids dearer to insurance than petrol ?
  4. Wish I'd been as fortunate. Regrettably it was Volvo/Ford !
  5. Always happy to read of good experiences but does it have a dpf ?
  6. Thanks, at least I can be definite about something 😀
  7. Definitely will not buy another diesel. Petrol or hybrid will depend on availability. Hoping to buy from John Roe, Hull. Has anyone any experience of them ?
  8. This forum is fantastic for help. Much appreciated and I really need to test drive a hybrid. Basically apprehensive of now things like stop start. Also more things to go wrong. You can tell I've had some bad experiences 😂. Never had a Toyota !
  9. Thanks for the prompt and clear reply. Unfortunately from previous regular problems I'll give diesel a miss.
  10. I had a lot of diesel related problems with a Volvo C30 2007 that I decided never again. However with all I've found out about Toyota, what are the diesel engine like ?
  11. I am grateful for all the points made which are all valid considerations. It will come down to constant question of availability and costs. It will at least be a Toyota. 😊
  12. I can only repeat my appreciation of people who have posted and how valuable it all is. It is gratifying to have found a site where people can express well reasoned opinions in a respectful manner and recognising people can have differing opinions. Too many sites don't have the same level of courtesy. I expect it will come down to availability and cost to change. Both appear better than other makes.I thanks again.
  13. Much appreciated. I will keep an open mind but now leaning to hybrid. I will make sure I test drive both and use standard criteria alongside choices.
  14. Thanks for a very informative post. I drive low mileage so would not benefit much from improved efficiency. As suggested I need to test drive both.
  15. Cheers Tigit. I do tend to keep cars for a while and mechanically useless. worth having a Toyota to benefit from this forum 😊
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