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  1. This was taken from the MyT app. This was the return leg but the whole trip regularly equates to 65mpg by the trip computer. I've never felt the need to do a full to full calculation. The only thing that surprises me is that these days of the smaller although more powerful and economical engines is that Toyota has decided to stick to the 1.8 and 2.0 engines.
  2. Very pleased to hear you got sorted. I have just had a software update and it now seems fine.
  3. Welcome and just enjoy the experience. The main thing to watch out for is that your grin does not become a permanent fixture😁 😉
  4. Cheers for the heads up on this. I will mention this to the main dealers and let them take a look
  5. Today I have an outside temperature showing 22*c. With the engine running, the car stationary and the setting on low I feel as though the climate control is not getting anywhere near cold enough. Can I ask how efficient other owners find theirs because on a 1-10 I'm classing mine as 1
  6. Judging by the response, obviously not enough of an interesting idea . . . . C'est La Vie
  7. Just a thought. I have searched with the above topic title with no avail. I may be asking out of ignorance for what is already out there but how about for a bit of fun, is it possible for a moderator or a member to set up a MPG challenge chart ( apologies I don't have enough tech clout) so members with Hybrids can record their best MPH's and drivers score.
  8. GBgraham

    CVT Type

    I can't agree with you more as most reviews are made by none mechanically minded journalists that are spewing out personal fetishes, non sensical views or who is flavour of the month, dare I say, it's down who gives the largest gratuities. Of course you are correct on the drivetrain being the P610 which is actually on the printed vin and data label on the B post. Wearing glasses does help! Thanks again
  9. GBgraham

    CVT Type

    Brilliant thanks. It was just that I had this pointed out from a Parkers review on the pre-facelift model What’s under the bonnet? Toyota’s been selling mainstream production hybrid cars since 1995 – longer than any other car company – and our C-HR features the third generation of what’s called Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD)
  10. GBgraham

    CVT Type

    Thanks for the link #robo1 and all other info that's been passed on, all very interesting. But, I'm not sure whether the car has 3rd or 4th generation CVT. I suppose the only way to find out is by contacting Toyota Customer Service with my VIN number unless anyone knows otherwise?
  11. If people have had a flat battery because of discharge and it's possible to so, I would suggest they slow charge the battery preferably with a smart charger, CTEK or otherwise. There is no telling that the new battery is going on the car fully charged and if a main dealer has supposedly recharged a flat battery, to what extent? Modern car charging systems are not designed to charge and condition a heavily discharged battery (nor boost chargers). Running or driving the car just to charge a battery seems a total waste of fuel.
  12. Just found that thank you, but 816 pages is quite some paper and ink cartridges. I suppose I can get rid of a lot the crpa! or learn to read Greek😁
  13. Well I eventually took delivery of the car today and just had a stress free 30 mile drive back. I am in lockdown in Greece and I have bought the new C-HR 1.8 Hybrid. On a walk round with the salesman he said I must turn of the blower fan before I shut the car down. If I understood him correctly, he said in broken english that it messed up the electronics but he didn't know why. I can may be understand why as the blower can become a generator freewheeling without power and it may cause a voltage spike. I would have thought Toyota would have dealt with such a problem. Has anyone else
  14. GBgraham

    CVT Type

    Very informative, thanks again👌 Thank you #Gerg to be be another forumunite to take the time to give me and the forum a comprehensive reply. As for your last paragraph, the answer is yes, if I don't know how anything works I just need to find out. I have been part of the motor trade for 40+ years but have had absolutely no experience of the CVT, the nearest being the Daf33/44 which makes me shudder at the very thought. Thanks to all once again
  15. GBgraham

    CVT Type

    Very informative, thanks again👌
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