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  1. I feel as though I would be rattled also if I got a 15month old car. What is it's registration date? I think here where I am it is known as the C-LUB Bi Tone. I suppose some pictures showing the car and wheels may help with what you have.
  2. I am no fan of Main Dealerships, in my previous life I used to have Main Dealerships as customers and I found that bigger the dealership the bigger the problems, especially getting them to pay even after them taking a 90 day credit line. Unfortunately these days there are very few Main Dealers that are small or a family run business, they mostly belong to some conglomerate so this explains mostly the type of faceless machine you are trying to deal with. Be assured their sole purpose in life is to take your money by any means possible, the dealer principal is probably the the in house accountant also. The company also have a huge legal team of shysters which their total purpose is to protect the company and stonewall any complaining customer. My advice is just be very careful, don't be pressured by a so called salesperson trying to deal you and make a commission which in turn keeps themselves in a job, remember BS rules with these pushers. Don't part with any money until you are absolutely certain you want to proceed. Just a little look of what may happen Another take is that many dealerships around the world are been squeezed by the big major manufacturers. My CH-R was priced online at a take it or leave it fixed price. I paid Toyota for the car even though the car came through a main dealer then I presume Toyota paid the main agent a commission. I very much doubt whether this will eventually happen in the UK as the whole system is close to Mafioso. Mercedes have pulled the plug on a lot of dealership's in Australia and they are taking Mercedes to court on a multi million dollar claim. Excuse the rant guy's but it's a passionate subject.😉
  3. I have just recently shipped a UK registered car back to Blighty. The RoRo car ferry did trips all over the EU including Turkey before it eventually got into Portbury, it even stopped at anchor for 5 days waiting for it's BMW cargo and it ended in being two weeks late into Portbury. These vessels do pick ups and drop offs all along it's voyage and these vessels do cater for multi manufacturers and are not just dedicated to Toyota. Find the ships name and follow it's progress on marinetraffic.com
  4. For anyone's future information. I got a heavy duty soft quilted fitted cover from Ebay about six years ago for about 55quid and it's fitted near enough on all my cars (X3, Sportage, CH-R) except for a few little tucks. We've have carried all sorts including dogs and it still shows no sign of wear.
  5. I would say a European order will come from Turkey. This may be of interest
  6. Absolutely my sentiments. At the moment with the supposably world food shortage, I wonder how long it will be before the choice of using corn and other edibles for either food or fuel production No doubt the green agenda will have something to say, probably to ban all cars😉
  7. Yes I do realise this and it must be an aftermarket alarm because as far as I know the C-HR does not come with the option of a factory fitted system. Also my question was if there was anywhere in the system where a audible warning settings this could be found. By the response I can only assume the answer is negative! Suits me I have done my bit of enquiring and now I can rest at peace😉
  8. GBgraham

    Wave Recall

    I've just been in for my first service today and they tell me there is a recall for the Wave sensor on the C-HR and Yaris. They couldn't tell me more because they don't have the full technical details but I should expect a phone call anytime in the next few weeks. I would expect the same with the UK cars but as this is the first I've heard off this I am in the dark on any further info. Anybody any wiser?
  9. Hope this is possible for a quiet life please. My wife heard a C-HR give an audible warning on the remote locking, ours doesn't so does anyone know if this is possible by altering a setting somewhere. I have explained that the car she heard may have a aftermarket alarm but HWMBO has given me it as a challenge. Of course any help would be most appreciated and might save some deaf and dumb dinners😁😉
  10. Thanks guys, I'll just put it down to familiarity and the probability that I am driving the car faster. I never use the B mode, I'm old fashioned, I hate to hear the engine screaming
  11. Just wondering, does anyone feel as I do that the regenerative braking is not working as well as it was when I first got the car new. I don't mean charge wise, just the braking side. It may be me just getting used to the car but it just doesn't feel to hold back on braking as much as it did.
  12. GBgraham

    New MY22 C-HR

    I'm sure you'll be very pleased once you get your head around all it's techno bits, practice makes perfect😁 Enjoy👍
  13. Personally the theft of my C-HR is the last thing I am concerned about, but there's no telling what goes through the chance thieves minds, usually addled with some substance or another. For the want of a better word, the professional thief is another entity and wants to take the vehicle with the least damage as possible and with the keys, hence the protection of your keys is a lot more important. I dare say the theft of battery packs in Hybrid's, PHEV, and EV's will become the new catalyst convertors for the thief, both in the case of Hybrid's and PHEV's. If you use a steering lock, it isn't a bad idea to leave some lock on the wheels, it may just make it more difficult for the loading to a low loader truck or trailer.
  14. Does anyone if all UK C-HR's are assembled in Turkey or elsewhere? The one I bought here is Turkish built.
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