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  1. Always seems strange to leave umpteen thousands of pounds worth of car on the drive and lock a tenners worth of **** in the garage 🤔
  2. Then why don't we the option to turn off the automatic lights ? How many have had other drivers think you are flashing them when going under a bridge ?
  3. I would also like auto door locking but cannot see it listed in the manual as an option, either dealer activated or self. Perhaps I will check with my dealer if they can do it.
  4. Thanks for replying and your insight. I was hoping it might have been a simple setting that could be changed. Perhaps one day Toyota will catch up with other makers.
  5. Many other manufacturers have the fog lights come on when turning, is there any way this feature can be achieved for toyota?
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome all. Keith
  7. Well I have finally managed to get around to introducing myself. I am sure I joined many years ago when my wife managed to fill her petrol Aygo with diesel and received much welcome help. Still, here now with a 2.0 GR Corolla HB, that replaced a 1.8 Corolla icon tech, that replaced an Auris, that replaced a Prius, and so the list goes on too many to remember, Celica x2, MR2, Yaris x2, Prius x2, at least one Aygo plus my daughter and son have both had numerous Toyotas. This is the keeper, honest. Until it's due a service and I'm back in the dealer looking at all the shiny new
  8. Well if we are showing our GR sports, here's mine. Had it from end of March, just over 1000 miles so far.
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