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  1. Sometimes its a loose fuel filter or somewhere sucking in air
  2. Tthink of it as..180 bhp in the engine and 173 bhp at the tyre/wheel ?
  3. taxijeff


    I have an idea off a good mechanic.some engine/decoke/egr additive to fuel cleaners do actually work, but you need to check out the temperature that they need to reach to do there bit.some fuel additives will make your car run at a higher combustion, you just need to be aware to give your car a good run in a lower gear and dont keep adding to your fuel tank all the time.i dont know if the JLM stuff is any good, but there are plenty good write ups.
  4. Just a quick...by the way..i put a post on here ladt week...tail lights wont work..there is a bit of nonsense between bulbs that are advertised as the correct bulbs.i ended up taking them all out and put a pair back at a time...to see what buld did what.a 2 person job.hope it helps
  5. taxijeff


    Everything but the kitchen sink..hmmm
  6. There is a place in manchester that do refurb injectors, warranty too.you need the old one to part ex..i cant remember the name...i think it was pf jones
  7. All sorted now thanks..Answers etc are on another post/forum..thanks to all😁
  8. taxijeff


    Please keep us all informed.i have read that adfitives to fuel dont really clean the egr and the best way is to do it yourself.i have poor but not bad mpg, so im looking forward to see if its your problem.i know there is a post on here saying cleaning their egr gave them better mpg, but its good to have lots of info...good luck
  9. taxijeff


    Hi..i have owned a avensis 2.2 ltr 55 plate for the last 5 years, not as much power as the sr180, but was pretty good.i now have a 58 plate sr180, ive had this for 3 weeks but only driven it for the last 2 days, a bit more power, easy to notice compared to the avensis, so i think you have a little problem.is it bad turbo lag or egr..i hope i dont get the same problem, but i have noticed the poor return in mpg.the avensis was 42 to 54 on aversge and higher on a long run, sr180 is only 34mpg at the moment.mu sr180 58 plate, plenty of poke and easy to get a squirt of power.
  10. Gerg..youre the main man..lol..i took out the light clusters each side.changed every bulb..i had checked the w16w first, because ebay sellers etc advertised w16w as side light bulbs..but gerg was correct.my side lights came after changing all bulbs.my rear side lights are in the cluster...R5W..for future ref..many thanks for making me do the job propper style.ha
  11. Forgot to say thanks..i need a picture of what bulb fits in what slot.numbers on google for certain bulbs arent the same information as ebay etc
  12. Sorry to add..number plates work ok.i can see them when i lift the tail gate
  13. My biggest problem...my hand book doesnt give exact matching pictures and does not say what size fuses..mini or micro, as i dont handle car fuses a lot, i wouldnt even know if they where small or medium etc..im on my own and cant see my light set up as i try to use them..? If you know what i mean.ther isnt a bus stop or anything to catch the reflection.i have now noticed..both rear side lights out, im not sure if both break lights work, but i cant see a break in the fuse..what bulb or what should the rear side light bulbs look like.what other fuse( no spare fuse) should i check..number 1 10amp
  14. Drivers side rear side light wont work..fuse ok.bulb ok.all other lights ok..58 plate auris sr180..any suggestions pls
  15. Drivers side rear side light..fuse is ok..all the other lights in the cluster work..all the other lights work..the 16w16 bulb wont work ? Any suggestion pls..auris sr180 58 plate..5 door
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