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    Home page

    Im on the home page. Not been on for a whilst. How do you look gor or find auris forums page ?
  2. It will be the passenger in the boot you forgot about..lol
  3. So then There is a long topic and an answer, but i got lost and confused with the bits in between. Poor mpg sr180, was it the dpf or the 5th spark plug thing or a sensor. My car is very poor average 27mpg and 29 on a long run. Any help please 58 plate sr180 Thanks
  4. So was the problem dpf or 5th injector ?
  5. Im all confused now..so my 58 plate sr180 does a poor 26 to 28mpg..motorway is not much better..so how was the poor mpg sorted..5th injector. What ever that is ?...dpf..or something else..? Simple terms please..i have had bottles of fuel additives and cleaned egr and some partial inlet manifold...
  6. The home page ? When i open up the home page...how do i find any answers from a topic i started. Where do i look..?
  7. taxijeff


    Hello to all I have a 58 plate sr180 auris and my mpg is rubbish..i mainly do motorway driving..the egr is clean, ive tried 56 mph 60 and 70 etc..im getting 38mpg tops and 32 around town.Would a new shape exhaust help..my car has been serviced and a bottle of injector cleaner...any idea please..i dont carry lots of stuff in the car and tyres are ok too
  8. I had this noise on my avensis.it was down by the clutch pedal..wd40 on the cable !
  9. Sorry..i cant see what car-engine-year . have i missed it
  10. Sometimes a hairline crack on one of the contacts
  11. Cold weather or aircon on or heater on high ?check the mass air flow
  12. taxijeff


    Just a thought.if you had a loose fitting fuel filter..eg..sucking in air somewhere..it would be rough at low revs, but might self seal when its warmed up ? Just a thought !
  13. Possibly a bad earth..water getting into the rear ??
  14. taxijeff


    You dont really need to fill up with v-power fuel.i dont think a fuel company would make or sell bad fuel that damaged your engine.a good long run or decoke or an additive that desolves the build up should do.i hope its not poor compression ?
  15. Small relay switch..small black plastic plug/box...you can see these on ebay ? (auris glow plug timer)
  16. Summer time..glow plug light will still pop up on the dash for 2 seconds or so..not half a second
  17. I have a 58 plate sr180 5 door.Are the black tinted windows factory tinted stick on or tinted/dark glass..or tinted with added stick on ? Mine need re tinting/doing..Any suggestions please.!
  18. Sometimes its a loose fuel filter or somewhere sucking in air
  19. Tthink of it as..180 bhp in the engine and 173 bhp at the tyre/wheel ?
  20. taxijeff


    I have an idea off a good mechanic.some engine/decoke/egr additive to fuel cleaners do actually work, but you need to check out the temperature that they need to reach to do there bit.some fuel additives will make your car run at a higher combustion, you just need to be aware to give your car a good run in a lower gear and dont keep adding to your fuel tank all the time.i dont know if the JLM stuff is any good, but there are plenty good write ups.
  21. Just a quick...by the way..i put a post on here ladt week...tail lights wont work..there is a bit of nonsense between bulbs that are advertised as the correct bulbs.i ended up taking them all out and put a pair back at a time...to see what buld did what.a 2 person job.hope it helps
  22. taxijeff


    Everything but the kitchen sink..hmmm
  23. There is a place in manchester that do refurb injectors, warranty too.you need the old one to part ex..i cant remember the name...i think it was pf jones
  24. All sorted now thanks..Answers etc are on another post/forum..thanks to all😁
  25. taxijeff


    Please keep us all informed.i have read that adfitives to fuel dont really clean the egr and the best way is to do it yourself.i have poor but not bad mpg, so im looking forward to see if its your problem.i know there is a post on here saying cleaning their egr gave them better mpg, but its good to have lots of info...good luck
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