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  1. Hi again - some useful information has come through from Toyota UK - they sent out a general e-mail to all Toyota groups and have had, sadly and surprisingly?, only a limited response - three Toyota Centres have replied to confirm that they have the equipment necessary to deal with SR180 run flats - Sheffield, Colchester and Leicester - it would appear that there is not that much call for it these days, most owners of 'ancient' RAV4s it would appear have opted to replace the run flats with standard tyres - I'll be heading to Sheffield in the not too distant future! - many thanks for you
  2. Many thanks for getting back to me - problem is a screw nail in the middle of the tread of the rear nearside tyre - still more than 6mm of tread on all four tyres so loathe to change them all now even if I can find an independent reasonably locally to do it!! - the equipment failed recently at my local dealer and apparently they can't get the parts to repair the machinery this time - have e-mailed Toyota UK for information on where in the UK there is functioning equipment/machinery to deal with RAV4 run flats - tried Border (Scottish) Toyota and they don't have the equipment - a very slow
  3. Does anyone know of a Toyota dealership in the north of England or Scotland which currently has the working machinery necessary to replace RAV4 run flat tyres??
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