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  1. These are great answer guys and I appreciate them. So if I buy a gen 2 from a dealer, what questions should I be asking? I know to ask if the battery has had a health check. Anything else specific to the Prius that I should be asking?
  2. I'm going to be covering a much smaller area very soon which means I'll be travelling around 10 to 15 miles per day. In my day I have around 15 calls to make and many are in very close proximity. My first call is often just a quarter mile from my home. I don't suppose this sort of usage is good for any car but Im sure it'd be an unmitigated disaster in a diesel. Would it be advisable to give the Prius a fast non-stop drive on an open road after my shift to try and keep it healthy?
  3. I think I'm sold on the gen 2. I suppose one advantage of these cars is that they were never bought by boy racers and thrashed and abused. If full service history is present and there aren't the obvious signs of damage I should be ok hopefully. I'll do a history check of course to make sure the car isn't stolen or was scrapped etc.
  4. Thanks for that information. I was thinking about buying a gen 3 but after reading reports it seems the early gen 3 cars weren't as reliable as the gen 2. Head gasket failure being a particularly worrying problem. 11p a mile sounds amazing. Is rust a problem?
  5. I'm thinking about buying a gen 2 Prius for work purposes. I do around 50 business miles a week, all in town for which I receive 56p per mile. The Prius makes sense. £20 tax, around 50mpg, relaxing to drive and hopefully reliable. I'm just wondering how other drivers treat Prius drivers considering the stupid image oafs like Jeremy Clarkson cursed the Prius with. I remember someone somewhere saying other drivers treated him like s*** when he was in his Prius.
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