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  1. Gotcha. Great to know this too. I like estates too but it will be me and my partner sharing the car and for her it would be too big heh.
  2. Hmm that one looks like an estate version? I saw these a bit shorter versions too which is what i hope to grab. Thank you for the input though. Do ytou think the Rad was your fault or factory or dealer/previous owner?
  3. LMAO haha. i have driven auto before. So no problem there ahahaha. Guys, i appreciate all the help here 100% and will keep everything in mind when checking out these monster buckets
  4. Thank you both @mcntosh! Yeah ive always been skeptical of dealers too but the missus prefers to go with dealer for whatever reasons, i guess the warranties can come in handy but from my experience, many people i know, had to fight tooth and nail to have the cars looked at even though warranty was well in order... Thanks for the advice of taking it out on motorway would have not even thought that! I will try focus on 2015 models so, a little extra money but hopefuly it should last that little extra more too.
  5. Wow, finally someone explained this automatic in very good terms. Thank you. I had read many complaints about the automatic being a "problem" in these but i had my doubts.... Now i understand what they complained about, thank you. So to summarise, if this car is in good condition, no rattling, no burning, or fumes out of exhaust etc, tires in good conditions, interior/exterior lights/electrics working, it should be good to go? Just seems weird they gave it as a lease. I like this specific one as it has nice wheels on it too so it has that kick in the looks department. But will definetly test drive before buying.
  6. Thanks. One question. I enquired if its available still, and dealer stated the car is on a lease to a customer who got rear ended. Would that be a red flag? I wouldnt want a run down car by someone leasing
  7. Just checked and it seems that it is available. so up to 160K or 10 years old is covered it seems from toyota website if i understood correctly. going on that, this would look best choice then https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/toyota-auris-auris-1-8-hybrid-sol/30579464
  8. Thanks for pointing that out! Currently checking out some of these: https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/toyota-auris-1-8-hybrid-auto-luna-model-2015/30227984 https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/65-per-week-162-toyota-auris-1-8-petrol-hybrid/30510394 https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/toyota-auris-1-8-vvti-hybrid-automatic-2016/30679855 https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/toyota-auris-auris-1-8-hybrid-sol/30579464 The red one catches my eye mostly
  9. Thanks @mcntosh. its not a huge dealbreaker. I assume if there is one it will function to some degree anyway albeit not accuractely as new roads are paved out and about. Just itll be me and my partner using the car so thats why i thought it would be handy to have it instead of hanging phones around the dash.
  10. Oh wow, thank you for the huge insight @TonyHSD ! Much appreciated!
  11. Ok. And the Mk2 is the better option right? I mostly see Luna , fi that is what you mean by facelift version?
  12. Haha yeah nevermind the car price.... the Insurance is even worse here 🙂 I was looking at this one specifically also. I will try tog o for as new as possible in terms of its year, but is there difference between them in 2013 and 2014 and 2015?
  13. Thanks very much on all the help! Il keep following this thread incase someone else chimes in with anything to help out. I will go for the Auris 1.8 Hybrid Petrol then i believe. They cost around 10-13K euro and seems like a good deal for something modern ish.
  14. Oh great about catloc. Gotcha and thank you very much again. In terms of looking at ads, mileage for example, they are mostly around 100-150k KM / 80-90k Miles , is this good? How does the Map/Nav system work? If you connect phone via bluetooth does the map go from phone to the display? or by USB even? or neither? Or would aftermarket head unit be needed if we want a Nav?
  15. Wow thanks for the replies guys. @Cyker by hybrid do you mean the plugin hybrid or the Auris 1.8 version hybrid ? I read about the differences here that some are plugin hybrids and some with small batteries like the auris 1.8 for example which are self charging And would you think that a dealership selling used auris 2013-2015 would be willing to install the catloc? ebcause i am annoyed by the fact that we have to do this but worried it would be stolen too....
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