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  1. Thanks a lot, guys! I guess I was expecting for that "EV Mode" to be something else aside from the regular (for a hybrid) EV driving when you keep the acceleration in the sweet spot 😛 hehe. Don't misunderstand me, I'm fascinated with all the features and benefits the car provides, and I'm always eager to drive it everywhere I can, but perhaps I was expecting for this specific feature to be something far more special, given the way it was presented to me by the dealer when I bought it 😅 I guess I can now just let it go on this side and just keep enjoying the rest of the car 🙂 Thank
  2. Hi guys. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply 🙂 Much appreciated. My main concern regarding this topic was because every time I intend to switch to "EV Mode" (with the button that is next to the Drive Mode switch and such), it tells me that there's not enough charge on the battery to switch to EV Mode... So I wondered "hmmm, ok, so how could I charge it up to a decent level where I could experience the full EV mode without switching to petrol for a while? 🤔". I understand that the car would normally try to balance fuel and battery usage and that's great, but if I can't get much c
  3. Hello. I have a brand new Yaris Style since a couple months ago and can't help but notice that the hybrid battery never loads to 100%: even if I try to keep it on fuel or use the breaking periods for as much as possible to charge it, at some point the car keeps using the electric motor for something and the battery starts to discharge again (of course). Is there any way to charge the battery at 100% at all? Thanks.
  4. I see. So the MyT feature of "Send to Car" not working is also because there wouldn't be any need to actually "send to car", given that my navigation app is Google Maps or Waze, right? Also, any app usage would happen only through Android Auto in my case, right? There is no way to install anything extra on my car system... Is it? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. I just bought a brand new Toyota Yaris Style in Spain and got surprised that on the multimedia system, there are some options missing, like certain WiFi settings inside its menu, or the entire menu "Online" like in the photo below: Note that the last menu is Wi-Fi, and, according to the manual, I should have an extra menu "En linea" ("Online") from where I could log into my My Toyota account. Also, I should also mention that this model doesn't bring integrated maps or navigator, as all that is used via Android Auto. All of this prevents me from registering the
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