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  1. Hi, it does not smell anything like cutting metal or dentists. It is a rotten-egg smell. The CAT in the Aygo is at the front. I believe it is mounted to the engine. Hi, mileage is around 30,000. This is an issue that has been present for some time - it also happens when revs are increased to a high-range. For instance in E mode with the MMT I used to have an issue where the vehicle when going up steep hills downshifted automatically resulting in too low a gear. The revs would go crazy high - in E mode I would be stuck with this gear all the way up the hill resulting in a smell. I worked around this issue using the M mode of the transmission. There are a few threads about this on this forum. Thinking of it now on all three drives before this one I went on similar gradient hills (if not steeper) at similar speeds and the smell did not occur at all... Outside temperature was warmer on all those days. The car does creep. However even here from the onset of buying the car there would be periodic dead zones where it would not creep. What the car (transmission/clutch/ECU) is figuring out within this time I do not know. But it only occurs rarely. What will the re-calibration do? Further will adjusting the clutch cable be able to solve this? Maybe set it so that less wear occurs on the clutch?
  2. Does anyone get or know the following cause of the issue I am going to describe below? Basically on my last drive out I noticed a rotten egg/burning smell coming into the car cabin when going up three hills on different parts of the journey. Hills were not steep; they were more long inclines so yes car was under more stress than driving straight but the revs never really exceed 3,500 RPM. Smell was not exceptionally strong but it was there. Suddenly as I would get to the top of the hill and go back down or level straight again the smell would suddenly and quickly disappear. No lingering. Weather on the day was extremely cold (about 1-3 degrees Celsius). Initially I was leaning to a catalytic convertor (CAT) issue. For instance the catalytic convertor becoming jammed/blocked/malfunctioning due to the increased load of engine. Also maybe faults with the fuel pressure/fuel oxygen sensor or fuel filter. Issue has been there (to a much lesser extent) when I first got the vehicle so very confused. Other causes could be oil leaks or transmission oil leaks. There could also be carbon compounds and sulphur in the CAT that have built up that are now being blown off. So hard to know what it is. I was told it could potentially be the clutch also. I was in gear when going uphill with little changes. But I have a MMT in my Toyota Aygo so maybe on hills the clutch is always being ridden? If so how can I avoid this and if so it has been doing this since I got the vehicle. I sure hope it is not the clutch due to the expense of replacement but then again if said smell was occurring on a virtually new clutch at the beginning of my ownership then the same will apply to a new clutch which is worrying. I am hoping also someone can let me know that whatever the smell is, what health hazards is it posing to me whilst I drive and what options I have to have some in-car diagnostics done to ensure whilst I drive that I am breathing in clean-air. Will my local dealership have any such tools to do such a diagnostic? Only other issue I can think of is that maybe I need to put some premium fuel into the vehicle and see if that makes a difference. I doubt it will but worth a try. I did my research and in general on the online forums you can see this is an issue Toyota cars have; particularly with their CAT'S. Hope someone can chime in here.
  3. Is this true? I thought the RELAX was designed to replace it?
  4. Sorry for the double post but how have you managed to get the dealer to replace the clutch as a wear and tear item? My dealer will not do this and I assume most will just treat it as a wear and tear item. Maybe your dealer accepts that there is a flaw in the clutch design/manufacturing. My Aygo is the second-generation one (a 2017 year model) so what part of be weary about the MMT clutch applies to my model I wonder? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Can owners who are currently with the initial 5 year manufacturers warranty that are about to go into the RELAX Toyota program get the extended warranty? Either now or after the 10th year when the RELAX expires?
  6. Just an update; Prices of servicing went up for me. £35 more for each, intermediate and full. Not too happy about that. Was told the reason for the increase was because of TOYOTA RELAX. Wish I signed up for a service plan prior to all this but of course I did not have advance knowledge of all these changes TOYOTA GB eventually decided to make. Regarding coverage was told by TOYOTA GB engine and transmission is covered. I sure am hoping that means everything, except of course, wear and tear items.
  7. Thanks for this very useful advice - I will try my best to remember this. Could be life saving. 10-15 PSI allowable difference is too much for me to consider safe. Regarding your TMPS system, not sure if you know, make sure sensor batteries are working and that tyre air pressure nozzles are handled with care. Heard that these types of more advanced TMPS systems need regular maintenance and a soft touch. Also heard of some synching issues. This was on the official TOYOTA blog. I would still rather have the more advanced sensor like you have - but Aygo was the maximum I could afford.
  8. Yup thanks for that. Looks like super premium (E5) fuel it will be then.
  9. Thanks for your detailed response. Regarding the accusations I have not named any dealer and have not even raised this issue with them. I only raised the plastic wheel trim air pressure nozzle issue with them. If I raised the tyre inflation pressure matter I know they would simply go to the default position of 'denial' due to there training on 'legal matters'. I know because this is how business, health, council, military etc operate. Just deny as long as you can until other guy gets tired, dies or runs out of money (or commits' suicide). I have experience in all these sectors of people 'apparently' trying to the right thing... Those are just my experiences and sorry if it came across as accusing. I just make sure not to trust people, and even then, not trust them some more. That's what life does to you. I have had my bad dealings with this dealer to know that they are not taken due care and attention. For instance when I did have the plastic wheel trims put on they were not only not re-aligned properly, they were also left for me to click into place... Also after the MOT they also put way way to much grease on certain components and it is now on the body work. I could just go on and on. So how after these experiences do you expect me to have any confidence whether they are doing 'sound' work on other aspects of the car? If the basics cannot be done right then all bets are off. My front tires always looked the same. Slightly under inflated. When I put them to the correct pressure the look did 'slightly' change although it is difficult here to know if one's mind is playing tricks. Ground level and surface makes a difference I think. For sure I have asked them so many times to check my tyre pressures and not once did it change the slightly under-inflated look; and that is big sign/clue. No tyre pressure monitor light ever came on but I will be re-setting this because I have the feeling it was never set right. I will take care of everything myself - best way. To be honest I never get an honest answer out of the dealers anyway and one person often contradicts another so what is the point asking their advice? It is waste of time and I am not going to argue with people who cannot follow the policies and recommendations to the letter. Yes I know this as I went over and over it. Once you set the right tyre pressures you can re-set the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. It then understands those recently set new pressures are the default benchmark correct level. It is simple and a good way to keep on top of things - not hard. This type of sensor also has less maintenance costs and perhaps also errors especially when things are taken off and then put back on i.e. replacing/servicing. The issue with me is I left it a few times to the dealer and they told that it was not necessary to re-set the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System when adjusting tyre pressures. But the TOYOTA blog stated differently, that is, it should be re-set every-time one changes the tyre pressures to the optimum level. The best way around this is to set your tyre pressures yourself to the correct level and each time, in my opinion, re-set the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system. That is what the TOYOTA blog stated. But I am still unsure as to why it has to be done each time as indicated by the TOYOTA blog. Surely you can set the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to the correct level and then at least for 4 months adjust tyre pressures to the correct level without it affecting the original benchmark set? Hmmm...
  10. Yeah I was trying to work this out the other day - looks like you have been thinking something similar! But is E10 3% cheaper than E5? Hmmm. I think the price of E10 will be going up too. It is slightly more expensive I heard. Still with the benefits of E5 (better additives) I might go for that now in the future.
  11. This is really interesting because the other day I decided to check my right front tyre and it was showing as 25PSI when it should be 33PSI. Considering I had done very little mileage from when it was 'supposed' to be checked at the local dealer I do wonder whether it was checked at all. The fact that they were supposed to be checking the tyre pressures and missed the mis-aligned plastic wheel trim? Surely if they were checking the tyre pressures they would have seen the wheel trim mis-aligned and gone to the small effort of aligning it properly. Makes me wonder... Also with 25 PSI I do wonder why the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system did not go off. It looks like it needs re-setting to the correct level - another thing I left to my dealer. Obviously, with these unacceptable health and safety breaches I will not be trusting them going forward and will do it all myself. It is also interesting you talk about the email. I sent one a few days ago. No reply... Rang today was told it did not get through. How? Hotmail would show me an error. Again like you said maybe not acknowledging it to cover themselves, which again tells you everything you need to know. Big thumbs down.
  12. I think I had a problem with this too a few months back. Are the mechanical actuators covered under the official TOYOTA warranty? That includes the new TOYOTA RELAX scheme.
  13. I think the servicing has gone up. In 2018 my full service cost £200. In 2020 a full service cost £250. Maybe the latter figure is off a little because other work was carried out at this service (replacing front brakes and pads on both front wheels) so I am not sure if I am subtracting the figure down correctly to the service 'only' price. But roughly a 25% increase in price within two years. I don't think inflation can account for that. Surely the transmission is covered under the RELAX warranty? I have been thinking today (a lot) that it might be best to do less than 1000 miles a year, just do the MOT and the Visual Health report and park the car in the garage. I am going through some service items that I could do for myself and see where savings could potentially take place. I do worry service prices will increase again and I don't think it is worth spending this much money if I am not going to be driving it much. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Cheat is too strong a word; more like a mistake/error. I am going to check my service papers to make sure the correct oil is going in. But then again that does not guarantee the correct one went in as I assume they have a few different oil batches/types around for the various different engines in the TOYOTA range. I keep an eye out on the MPG and it is around 64 MPG which seems OK. My dealer put the plastic wheel trims (silver ones) on wrong??? Where there is a gap for the tyre air pressure nozzle to fit through they missed it completely. Now the tyre pressure nozzle bends against the silver plastic wheel trim whilst sticking out. Was a silly error and it worries me that it could cause a tyre deflation through pressure/stress. It has cut slightly into the tyre air pressure nozzle rubber. It is things like this that make you wonder whether they are paying any attention at all...
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