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  1. I have the Nextbase front and rear fitted in my yaris. They were already installed as it was an ex demo model. It is a very neat installation although I have not checked the fuse box to see if the cover is actually fitted. This was from Johnsons on the Wirral.
  2. I have had the same symbol occasionally appear but never in a specific place. It has usually occurred at dawn , dusk or when there is poor visibility so I have put it down to the camera not reading signs properly.
  3. My 2020 Yaris is getting the recall done along with a service this Friday. Do not really use the cruise control but might as well get it checked and rectified if needed.
  4. I was always under the impression that in the UK scrolling DAB text had to be disabled as it could be distracting when driving.
  5. I was able to adjust the time on my Yaris launch edition via the multimedia screen . I found how to adjust it in the multimedia section of the manual.
  6. Just checked and my Yaris is also affected. Due for a service in the next month so will arrange for it to be done at the same time.
  7. I had the same symptoms the other morning when the car had a thick layer of frost on it. The Lane assist and the speed sign indicator failed to work. I also assumed it was frost as it cleared when the car warmed up.
  8. Found this product gives a good fast shine and can be applied to a wet car so really quick.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Autoglym-Rapid-Aqua-Wax-Complete/dp/B0060KJLKY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=autoglym+aqua+wax&qid=1645483203&sr=8-1
  9. My Launch edition failed to start a few weeks ago after being left for 3 days during a cold snap. Called Toyota assist and the AA sent a local recovery agent who started it immediately with a power bank. Bought one of these off Amazon straight after to keep in the car.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hilka-Tools-83850400-Starter-Power/dp/B076615FJZ/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 Was out cleaning my car this afternoon and used the Power bank to start a Audi with a flat battery nearby. Went back to cleaning my car and my battery was also flat and car would not start. Connected power bank and it immediately started. Power bank was still showing full charge afterwards. So glad I bought it and everything is in a zipped wallet that fits neatly underneath passenger seat.
  10. https://www.aldi.co.uk/auto-xs-obd-ii-fault-code-reader/p/705061560241500 Just seen this coming up on Thursday. Posted it in case somebody is after one.
  11. My yaris was bought as an ex demo and had the front and rear next base dashcam already fitted. I do like the extra reassurance given by it although thankfully not had to download any footage yet. The rear camera is very neatly fitted just below the high level brake light and the wiring has been routed through it.
  12. Hi Tom I used Revive to repair some stone chips on my Yaris Launch edition. Service and price was very good. If you send them photos of the damage they will get back to you with a quote. That will give you an idea of the cost and you will be able to compare it with other quotes. https://revive-uk.com
  13. After a lot of searching was able to find replacement tpms valve stems on Ali express at a very good price. Had 4 delivered in two weeks for under £7. Have had the broken sensor valve stem replaced at local tyre fitter and was told that they were of comparable quality to originals. |Toyota quoted £150 for replacement and cheapest compatible was £80. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002604560456.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.395f3ef3Mmx01G&algo_pvid=22f23bb7-f094-49f3-8102-62dc94e26065&algo_exp_id=22f23bb7-f094-49f3-8102-62dc94e26065-2&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000021357349785"}
  14. If you look at auto trader Starensis there are some pre reg Yaris Cross models available. That is where I found my Ex demo Yaris launch edition .
  15. I have noticed that my mark 4 yaris has reduced by approximately 5 mpg from 66 to 61 in the last two fills. This has coincided with the introduction of E10 fuel. I do not know if this has any connection but I am going to use E5 on the next fill just for comparison.
  16. I was checking my tyre pressures the other day and unfortunately broke the top of the valve holder resulting in a flat tyre. Put on spare and went to local tyre fitters. They have changed the sensor valve for a standard one as they did not have a suitable replacement. I can easily live with the warning on the dashboard temporarily. They have told me to find a service kit for the valve as the sensor is fine. Does anybody know the Toyota part number or if there is a car factor one that is compatible. They said that they are getting a lot more of modern valves been broken by people checking tyre pressures as they are aluminium and if you put any sideways force on the pressure gauge they can snap. Be aware !!! Thanks in advance Gwynfor
  17. Hi Terry. I have a next base front and rear view dash cam in my Yaris. The rear camera is mounted on the rear window just below the high level brake light with the wiring routed under the brake light housing. The dash cam was in the vehicle when bought as it was an ex demo. Here is a link to the model which is approved by Toyota. https://lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-ux/lexus-ux-2018-present/lexus-ux-accessories/lexus-nextbase-1080p-front-and-rear-integrated-dash-cam/ Link for a Lexus but the same model dash cam.
  18. When the loss of acceleration occurred I was just wondering if the trip history in MyToyota picked up on it ?.
  19. I got the letter and there was also mention of a outstanding recall for a rear seat belt bracket. Both being done next week at local dealer.
  20. Thanks for the prompt reply and for the ebay link. Did search myself before but to no avail. Have gone for the ebay item as it means I will still have a spare led unit if needed.
  21. Yesterday I unfortunately damaged the housing of the high level brake light while trying to fit in a awkwardly shaped object. The light unit is totally fine . I want to know is it possible to buy a replacement housing without a new led light unit. Thanks Gwynfor
  22. I have found the same . Had to put lights on manually today despite the dark gloomy weather conditions. Just a quick check to increase the headlight sensors sensitivity should I adjust the settings to + or -. Get confused easily at my age !!
  23. Unfortunately after only three weeks of ownership I have discovered what appear to be stone chips . They are located just above the passenger side door mirror as can be seen in photo. As the vehicle is bi tone could somebody please advise me on the correct paint code when ordering a touch up kit or would it be better to get it done professionally. I am puzzled as to how or where this damage occurred due to the height and angle. Thanks in advance for your help Gwynfor
  24. After using the car for the last three days I have noticed that the DAB radio tends to lose reception in certain areas such as in dips or under bridges . In my previous 2017 yaris reception was rock solid in the same places. I appreciate that the old car had a whip external aerial as opposed to the shark fin on the new model which could explain the difference. I was just wondering if any other owners have the same issue. Apart from that absolutely loving the car.
  25. Hello everyone my name is Gwynfor. Just purchased an ex demo Yaris launch edition at a substantial saving on new list price. So far very impressed a big difference to my 2017 Yaris Icon. Regards Gwynfor
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