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  1. Probably not worth it hey. Happy just opening the door manually hah.
  2. Looks like you are correct only has the one motor on the passenger side. I guess that answers my question!! I assumed they all had both automated. How easy would it to be to install a motor and just have it hooked up with the door handle rather than switch up front? Thanks for your help guys
  3. Would it be from inside the door card where the motor potentially was disconnected? Or would the connection be on the lower track below the step up to the door? As I took that off today to gave a look under there to see if anything was unplugged.. My model also has the door buttons near the side mirror controls, Similar to below but the right hand door button has been replaced with a blank Also strangely the keyfob doesn't have the right hand door button just a blank has been put there? Wonder if this had been done prior to import?
  4. Hi guys, I have recently purchased an 2008 Estima in Australia, the person I bought it off advised that the right hand passenger door had the automatic opening function deactivated and the cabin only has a button for left hand passenger door. The right hand side door however still does auto locking when closed, would it be easy to reactivate the right hand door to auto open and close? I wouldn't have thought that they would have removed the motor? Any help would be appreciated with how to check if motor still in the door. Thanks
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