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  1. Hey I solved it!!! Just pulled the bulb out.
  2. This little beasty has been blinking on and off for the last 5 years that I have had it. Any clue as to what is wrong with it? I have tried all the suggestions here, diagnostic check etc.. still the little thing flashes. Also who shot JFK? 🤣
  3. Thanks heaps. So I have taken off the instrument cluster and cleaned the plastic etc. I replaced the Drive bulb which was faulty. Anyway, on the bottom warning lights row there was a couple of spare bulbs on the right hand side. At least I think they are spare...is there meant to be anything on the right of the seatbelt warning light?(IMG0451) how bout the left hand side (IMG0450) ? I don't think my vehicle has ABS. 1996 Estima Eminem.
  4. Any good videos about removing the instrument cluster? Mines a 1996 beasty.
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