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  1. Made an appointment at the dealer, unfortunalty first spot was the 18th of May. Hope it's nothing serious, really like the car. Will update if I have the solution
  2. I will try a toyota oilfilter and see if the noise changes, does this car have an oil pressure sensor that can be read via obd?
  3. I know that.. It was only for diagnostic purposes..
  4. Not In P No, if so then veeerrry quiet. It goes away at high revs above 3k. It does it in D if I press the breaks and then the gas at the same time (charging the battery Manually)
  5. OK so the oil is 0w20 liqui moly aa, The filter is a Mann filter wich I always considered to be very good. What is difrent on toyota filter? Can I get it in other places as the dealership?
  6. Hi, so I have researched for quite a while now on this and other forums but I can't figure it out. Maybe somebody has an idea. My car: yaris XP13 hybrid 2015 with 150000km on it. Problem. When the car ist cold and I start the Engine everything sounds normal. After about 1 minute the engine starts to make a Metalic taping noise under a light load, once I release the padel it's gone, if I press it justst a little it's back. It does that till the engine reaches about 40-50 degrees. The noise is quite very audible inside the car and even louder outside. It sounds like it is comin
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