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  1. I'm concerned I'll break it, as I broke the license plate light last year. I was thinking of getting Halfords to do it, but unless they have done an intense course on fitting various lights , I wouldn't want them near it as they would be know better than me
  2. Did Exactly what he did in this video, but the light would not come off on my car, as it easily did on his, any suggestions ? I dare not use any pressure incase I break it https://youtu.be/NMGmpfl70q0
  3. Cheers guys. Soz, but toyota makers/bosses Anger me so much, because it's almost as if they say at the board meeting: ' Right ! let's make it as hard as we can , for Toyota owners to change a bulb ' lol. People are too busy to book their car in for the day, every time a bulb goes lol
  4. Cheers, but when I open the felt inside the boot I can't see a socket to pull out which Is level with the boot outside
  5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hy7fDHFb96HrZCMM8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z69DEFKrrertc6jv9
  6. There's only a couple of sockets behind the boot, but when I look through the light on the outside, the tail light bulb is at the bottom, so unless the bulb stretches to about eight inches down, it's not behind the boot lol
  7. First generation , apparently when I was looking on the Halfords 'which bulb screen' it said Auris 2010 - 2012, it's the TR Valvematic 1.6 petrol. I've found a couple of videos, looks like I have to take the whole outside light out by two screws inside. I suppose we all have to compromise because the Auris is Severely bullet proof/reliable but everything else is !Removed! awkward and annoying lol
  8. Please help, my handbook tells me easily how to change the bulb, but the configuration in the book is not the same as in my car. There's a couple of bulb sockets at the top but the actual bulb is at the bottom, six - eight inches away, do you have to the front bumper off or something ? 🤔. I've tried to upload images but cant. I've changed many bulbs easily in cars over the years but this Auris is a nightmare for changing bulbs
  9. Maybe I'm paranoid lol, but dropped off my car at 8.30 to get two recalls done, airbag and fuel plate, but walked past at 10.30am, and car was parked in the exact same place, then got a phone call at 1.30 to say it's been done. Did they really do the issues lol because it must have been super quick, both recalls take two hours each don't they ?
  10. I'm so annoyed that im forced to have work done on a nine year old car , that I've had for a year and a half lol, god knows what other potential issues the work might cause. Before I purchased the car I checked for recalls and there were none. This is something I really Don't need as I've got too much on at the moment. Sorry if anyone is offended by this, but I just feel that some of these recalls are abit of a scam because YES even though recalls are done for free, we all know that work done on used cars can cause stress and influence other issues which 'equa
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