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  1. Last week, my license plate light AND front side light both went at the same time, which seems almost impossible, then a few days later my side light mysteriously came back on and I gently tap the license plate light and that came back on ! What's going on ! ??
  2. I broke the last one, now otherside has gone, and Yes, I know how to do it, the booklet tells you, but it won't budge lol. ' Will Halfords be able to do it ' ? My car is a Toyota Auris 2012
  3. Cheers, just realized it was abit of a stupid question lol, because it can't have been that high otherwise it would have hit the bumper lol 🤦🤦🤦😀😀
  4. Ok, it's partly my fault because I was alittle tired, but went through some stupid roadworks where there was no warning of a ramp then all of a sudden had to brake hard because this weird kerb like speed bump was in front, it looked really strange, it seemed like a really high kerb , twice as high as a normal kerb , it's was crazy lol
  5. It happens both stationary and moving, so can't be wheels or brakes lol
  6. Yes there is rust underneath car, the thing is, when My mechanic phoned me mid morning to say he couldn't find anything, I reminded him about the rust underneath, he knows this because he put a sort of advisory in the service paper when he serviced it at Xmas . I'm Not very good with cars so if he has said he's looked, I can't really demand look again. Dunno what to do, also even though the noise is not loud, I can slightly feel it as well as hear it lol. I suppose the main dealer toyota would charge me a fortune to diagnose it ?
  7. I've known the garage for years, it's a good garage but they couldn't find anything wrong with it, I'm sure I'm not hearing things, but somethings not right. It's hard to explain noises, it's not loud, it's like a quiet, mild spade scraping on the floor, happens about twenty percent of a journey I do. So basically the garage are saying that famous saying, ' don't fix it until it's breaks' but as you know, on cars, when it brakes it could be too late eg when a cambelt snaps and smashes the engine lol. My mechanic suggested recording it on my phone but it's not loud enough, I don't think, to record it
  8. A/c was off, trying to use the car as least as possible until Monday , as long as the engine light doesn't come on I'm hoping I'll be alright. I can't moan, had the car nearly two years, Not one problem, apart from rear discs and pads which is just wear and tear. I suppose even Aurises aren't invincible, brilliant cars though, just abit awkward 😀
  9. It's hard to explain noises lol, I say , If a new noise suddenly appears on a used car is it almost always an issue ?
  10. Just found out, it makes the noise when car is stationary at tickover, so can't be brakes or wheels and the engine light Never comes on so probably exhaust issue maybe ? 🤔. I've booked it in garage
  11. Maybe brakes or calliper area ? Had rear discs and brakes done in April so I would have thought the garage would have mentioned the front ones are going out. The noise is like a cross between something dragging on the floor and chalk to a black board, abit hard to explain, but it's Not a grinding or squeeky noise lol 🙂🙂
  12. I slightly scraped underneath my bumper, Still don't understand how I did it, reversed into a tiny road , heard a scrape , jumped out, the road looked normal, although I think there was a small dip in the road shaped like a V, it's a mystery lol, an annoying mystery 😀😀
  13. It appears so, but doesn't specify in the handbook and the government car checker doesn't seem to say it can't accept it
  14. Just incase your Aircon failed in the scorching summer, until you get the cars Aircon fixed ? The heat has been Unbearable for me, so if it broke, I just couldn't drive in the car at all. Yes, I know I'm a wuss lol 😃😃 No, my Aircon hasn't broke, just incase it did lol
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