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  1. I don't blame you. It is an awful noise. Almost sounds like metal on metal and really loud!
  2. Thanks for that. I was trying to find a video of what it sounds like. It does sound like it could be that but it is so loud. Will see what the dealer says on Tuesday. Odd how it has only started today. I pulled away from our parents at the weekend. Window down and nothing. Strange indeed.
  3. It is booked in on Tuesday. I've asked to test drive another to see what noise that makes
  4. It was silent when I first bought it. Mother in law even commented on how quiet it was as we pulled away from her. Sent the dealer the sound clip and they say it is AVAS. They also said maybe it's never come on before today? Just sounds a bit too loud to me and doesn't make sense when it was previously so quiet. Thanks for the reply
  5. Hi, My 2021 corolla touring sport has just started making a terrible screeching noise when pulling away or coming to a stop. Dealer says this is the noise they have to make by law now but it's so loud my husband came running out of the house to see what was wrong. It is so loud. Can anyone confirm if this is normal or there corolla makes this noise? I have just managed to attach a sound recording Thanks Corolla.mp3
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