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  1. Wow Jiin thank you so much !!! just watched DAB it's exactly what i need i'll start with that 😄
  2. Dear all, i have bought an android radio update for my T25 avensis, i would like to install the DAB windshield antenna and maybe the supplied microphone (unit has a mike into its facia so it is maybe enough) the install of the antenna would be alongside left or right pillar with curtain aribargs, does anybody have experince with that or some split up images ? Cheers, Will
  3. Dear All, i am William, 53 years old engineer...i like all technical stuff and all kind of works...i basically do everything myself ;) I do not spend money on cars, for me a car should be cheap and reliable.... I have had a peugeot 407 for the last 4 years and done 80.000 with few maintenance costs. However reaching 200.000 and leaking oil and airco i wanted to go toyota so i found a mint condition avensis 2005 150.000km with full service history 1.8 liter unfortunately no cruise on this engine it seems....the only "luxury" i would miss but the 2.0 liter didnt seem an
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