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  1. Im on my 5th new shape Corolla now (TSport), had petrols and diesels, and found that some of them seemed to start mis-calculating the average MPG after several thousand miles. The easy way round this is to reset all the figures in the trip computer and start again. After a few hundred miles the true average will start to appear. The old model Avensis <2003 also appeared to suffer from this problem.

  2. Agreed

    My Corolla T-Sports on 3.5k miles, and its does not have the quietest gearbox in the world , guess it could be down to the extra complexity in a 6 speed box. As long as its not too loud, changing oK, and not jumping out of gear then dont worry. Wind the window down or turn the stereo up!.

    Rob. :P

  3. I have had a Corolla T-Sport (5 Door Thunder Grey) now for 3 weeks, and have put 1500+ miles on the clock (company car), after mixed running its showing 28ish to the gallon (it improved after 1000 miles) what do you guys get? Had a Tspirit D-4D before (109bhp), i averaged 45mpg average in that, also a great car with masses of torque, and its engine is very underrated. The main thing i remember about first getting my ts was the uncontrollable grin on may face as it hit 6500 and went mad until 8000, i just couldnt stop laughing. They are a much more comfortable car for day to day use than a Civic R which i also tried for a short period, and dont have that 'nick me', 'tarts handbag' appearance written all over them.Another point i should mention, when i was 18 i bought a corolla RWD coupe (4-AGE engine), which had had 1 owner and 40,000 miles on the clock, 5 years later with 160000 on it i had to sell, the only things that car needed was 1 exhaust, 1 clutch and numerous tyres, and believe me, at 18 i drove it pretty hard.Long live the Corolla!

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