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  1. accidently set to a nearby area,being traced no worries.
  2. not been offered extra warranty,maybe a covid slip. 2yr service plan ran out,nice not seeing an itemised bill,as against a charge for washer fluid,you know not needed,unless they [toyota] used it. I'll see whats offered this yr. funny story,tried to sell me a body protection coating,[refused] pretty sure it had already been done.
  3. David's right,low sun is a pain and I've had polaroids for ever. Maybe the tinted screen adds to the problem.[which I think should not exist] thanks for the interest.
  4. do other readers think there is only one person in this car? I wouldn't light foot it up a hill with 5 seated.
  5. similar ,loose then not lit at all.my Halford did'nt have one. but I did have complete set,rear from nearly new scrapper.this could save money. never used ,but for the one needed as my 20 yr old yaris verso bulbs never failed and also was scrapped.
  6. happened to me too,more I tried the worse it got. After power off ,mrs did it ok. Ihave resurrected an old mobile unit,just incase.
  7. part of service report,on Auris
  8. Thanks ,plenty to read.
  9. 5/10 may be my fault. First time Hybrid and I did explain not driven automatic for 55yrs,so switch on power,around the block we go. Demo of self parking,never used since. Hand over the money,here's the key. A poster on here said,gen up with book for an hour,haha been doing that for over 4 yrs and still find something new I've missed.
  10. April 1,you are a Ford dealer and I claim my £5.
  11. nobody runs on a measured container,full to empty,so all figures are estimates,imo. pinch of salt.
  12. "would happen in any car" not so,you would disconnect one terminal.Did this for 6 months of the yr for nearly10 yrs,battery kept charge on a diesel.
  13. It has been 10th anniversary of Japans sunami,lots of views on utube,thousands of vehicles washed away. What happened to them?. what kind of a warranty would you get?
  14. I have 2 dehumidifier pots[household type,£1] in the boot,2 seed bag [microwaveable] pretty useless,in car. Never known a windscreen like this,wet through all winter,overnight.
  15. Saxmaniac,spot on. Mine,15k mls 2 yrs old.
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