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  1. may be thinking a bit basic,but do all models have hill hold/start? it's been a boon for me,living in the hills.
  2. Ask a taxi driver. I'm not one,but when ice has warmed up,battery kicks in till it needs charge,repeat, mileage should be good,a smooth drive.
  3. loz8

    AA 3 free months

    AAbreakdown cover,mine was through Toyota,£7 monthly,auto renew. This will change to a half or full year payment,not auto renew. AA will give 3 months free as a goodwill gesture,added to your current cover. Sorry I had'nt read the Posts,it is Toyota Roadside Assistance. I always think its the same,maybe wrongly.]
  4. A A breakdown 3 free months added for Toyota customers,as payments change from monthly to half/full year payment.
  5. Always do it myself,refuse service/free valet. Ceramic polish keeps it looking like new. The underneath is covered in plastic panels,so I dont look there. Though admitedly metalic finishes are a bonus.
  6. loz8

    E5 or E10 Fuel

    No doubt at all 99 is smoother ,quieter. ps. if anyone wondered,driving away on wrong fuel,it's only a few hundred yards and tank has a quarter start. Hence the panic.
  7. loz8

    E5 or E10 Fuel

    wrong fuel or not wrong fuel,no fuel like an old fuel. just back from Tesco filled up,[£1'43 ltr.last fill.]made a cobblers of positioning[wrong side] not a prob. glance ay pump E10 for most cars,Too far from dials to see,press for reciept [unusualy] Glance at bill,no points added,so get that done in store. Home ,look again,eyes on stalks,oh no ,tank full of Diesal, Panic need car for hospital trip. Closer inspection of bill ,not my card No. Damn machine issued wron bill.[I hope]
  8. have had aircon on all this yr.and as posted before I have 2 household type dehumidifier pots under boot floor. Today to my surprise,on checking,both full,thats about a ltre. Shows how much water vapour,is in cabin,[with very little milage].
  9. I'm using leather polish from Mountain Warehouse [only now,7 yrs on] as one side piece is creasing,likely inferior piece.
  10. Exel has choice,part or all leather and that imo is what it must be. Mine,part and it is leather.
  11. loz8

    safety test

    Youcar on uTube,least and most safe 22 vans,5 mins in. if that helps.
  12. Germans claim that combustion engines can be made that can run on alternative,renewable fuel.That's a spanner in the leccy works. E100 at the pumps?.
  13. who looked at head gasket? Car nut tech on uTube shows how,blue liquid is used which turns yellow by the gas in the rad coolant.i.m.o. a job for an expert.
  14. loz8

    safety test

    Has anyone viewed the safety test on uTube?. Proace auto brakeing wrecks a car and sends pedestrian to the Pearly Gates.
  15. This is what I now think, winter the car is cold outside air damp too,If you have a cabin filter,this after little use will have a coating of fine dirt,both damp. Surely this will impede the air flow and although fan going full belt it does not do the job untill heater is up to temp. Does a new filter cure the problem. Into5th service ,asked for it to be changed and to see it. It looked like the bottom of a dustbin,when imo it should have looked better IF it had been changed before.
  16. Japanese built,had gs but sold it as didn't need 2,the other[both 2000] a Verso the kids wrecked the body,ran on reused old oil for some yrs,still went on till daughter wanted a change ,so battered and bruised it went for scrap 20yrs old.the keys in bits. Will EU built Yaris match them.
  17. loz8

    Fuel Range

    thought I had read somewhere,it's 50mls on reserve,only tested that the once when it lit up and thats what I got,still a bit left to go to refuel. Speeds up to 50.
  18. loz8

    2ZR FE

    So guys,what colour is your oil at 10K and has it changed as car gets older?. those USA cars do high miles and oil looks like treacle.
  19. loz8

    2ZR FE

    Yesterday I watched Utuber Toyota Maintenance he pointed out likely faults on older Corollas with this engine as it ages it uses oil. I'm asuming it is the same block in my Auris 1'8. He and the other Utuber master tech always promote 5k oil changes,I'm happy with this as it is my annual mileage. What do others think of Toyotas recommended 10k oil change.?
  20. 4Mways to Blackpool map was fine and all is well now,but the bottom left of screen,the road no.was out of sync all the way.
  21. car showed its very first glitch,sat nav not keeping up with road numbers,as reported by co-driver as I never look at it.
  22. ditto,never looked back,also short drive on snow had a positive feel.
  23. I parted with a mitsubishi after 15 trouble free yrs in Spain,aircon as new untouched. Aswell as service personel planting mindbombs of doubt,so do car reviewers who said car was a dud. Toyota tried this dodge on me too.
  24. if you go for full safety package,is insurance any cheaper? hav'nt seen any answers to this.
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