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  1. I haven't tried that yet. I was just going by the Accept / Decline notification on the screen. I will try tomorrow
  2. Thanks for all of the info regarding getting into EV mode. I have now achieved what I wanted to do. I don't understand what a couple of car reviewers have stated, when they say you can get up to 80mph in EV mode ?
  3. Finally got this one sorted out, well 90% anyway. It was the anti-virus on my phone stopping it communicating with the car. I uninstalled AVG and now it works fine. With this exception. If I have the phone connected via the USB cable to use Android Auto, it will ring and ask me to either Answer or Decline, but I am unable to do either without disconnecting the cable. I can live with that, as I get or send very few calls when driving.
  4. Thanks for the advice chaps, I have probably been going too fast when pressing the button. It does use electric only when slow manoeuvring, but that's without pressing the button
  5. Title should of course been "2021 Yaris EV mode" before anyone points it out. 😁
  6. Whenever I've pressed the EV button it's come up as unavailable, even with the hybrid battery well charged. Has anyone else managed to select it. ? I'm getting an "indicated" 65.5 mpg, which isn't far off the advertised economy. It only seems to go into electric mode when manoeuvring slowly, which is what I expect.
  7. I had a similar problem with my Ford Bmax, and fixed as you said.
  8. It's a Cubot with Android 10. It connects fine to Android Auto and lets me have conversations with Google Assistant 😄 On Tuesday evening I shall be seeing someone with an identical phone, so I will see if his connects. If it does I shall have to go through all the settings, and as a last resort do a factory reset.
  9. Mmmmm... it would seem to be a phone problem, as my wife's phone connects OK ☹️ Strange as it connects to my Lexus with no problems.
  10. Strange indeed. Something I haven't tried yet is pairing my wife's phone. I shall see if that works.
  11. I've lost count on the number of time I've tried that 🙂 As regards the dealer having a look, they may well do it for free as I'm a good customer.
  12. Photos as requested Car on top and phone. I spoke to the service dept this morning and they said if I didn't have any luck, bring it in and we'll have a look. At great expense I imagine.
  13. I'll try to get a screenshot later. I do get the option to connect on my phone, and it will bring up outlines of the phone and car display and say connecting, but it doesn't. If I connect with the USB, it blanks out the connection options. As I mentioned, I can connect to my Lexus without any problems, which leads be to think it's a car not a phone issue. I have to take my Lexus in for a Hybrid Battery Check this morning so I will make enquiries then.
  14. Just to clarify. I get a message come up on the car's screen saying "Does this Pin match the Pin showing on your device ? Yes it does, but there's nothing to press to say yes. 😡
  15. I've tried that, but with no luck. I don't know why it disconnected in the first place. Maybe it needs a software re-boot ?
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