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  1. My wife started to learn in a driving school Yaris, and is one of the reasons we bought one. The size suits her, and is relatively easy to park.
  2. Looking for something to do this afternoon, I' thought I'd check the cabin filter in my 2021 Yaris. It didn't look much of a job going by the various YT videos. Not quite as easy as it was supposed to be but eventually I got the filter out. Considering the car is barely 18months old, the filter was filthy, and a wonder any air got through it at all. I gave it a good vacuum out, but will have to get a replacement. It's amazing how quickly so much muck can accumulate.
  3. My Yaris seems to have settled at around 67 mpg. I am more than happy with that.
  4. Now averaging 67 mpg 71 mpg indicated on display
  5. Not as far as I know. I did a fill up today and it worked out at 63mpg, so it seems to be creeping up. Maybe the warmer weather ?
  6. The mileage over the last four fill ups seems to be pretty consistent at about 57mpg. Although the indicate figure is fairly steady at 61mpg. We haven't taken it for any long runs for a while. Mostly local shopping trips.
  7. We must have been "Lucky" when we bought our Yaris Design in 2021. The dealer had quite a few in stock which they must have been brought in as a job lot. I could see their warehouse as it was videoed when they fitted the dashcam. We only had to wait about a week while they prepped it.
  8. Thanks chaps. There was no way I was going to accept their kind offer, and it's not something I would expect a main dealer to come out with.
  9. Along a similar line. Although it shouldn't need changing for a long time yet, unless it's clogged with Sahara dust. Is the pollen filter the same as the cabin filter, and located behind the glove box on the 2021 Yaris ?
  10. Our 2021 Yaris Design was in for it's first service today. I have a service plan. They rang me during the day to say there were no problems. (I should hope not considering it's only done just over 3,000 miles.) They said the air con system has a high level of bacteria, and would I like it cleansed ? I asked how much, and was told.. A hundred and....... No thank you I replied before they could finish. Anyone else experienced this ?
  11. That's right, the brake is either on or off.
  12. Thanks for comments and info. Looks like I'll have to do without USB music if I am using navigation.
  13. Unfortunately my Yaris only has one USB socket. Which is a pain if I am navigating with phone plugged in, and I want to play music using my USB stick. Is there any way around this ? A two way adapter wouldn't work AFAIK
  14. I noticed a big difference in fuel consumption, not after a service, but after a recall job. It went down from "an indicated" 67mpg to the low 50's. This did coincide with a big change in the weather though. Now it's not quite so cold, and I've put some air in the tyres, it's gone back up to about 60mpg. Checking accurately on fuel fill up, Between the 19th Jan and 12th Feb it's doing 55 mpg. This is with all local stop start driving and no long runs.
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