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  1. Thank you everyone! Finally, i checked yesterday & there are 2 speakers in dashboard, 2 tweeters in the A-Pillars & 2 speakers in the back doors (5 door version) When you say mid in the doors, you mean midrange speakers? I will not change the tweeters yet. Just the ones in the dashboard & ones in the back doors. I came across this mini amplifier "Taramps TL500", which costs only 50 EUR here in Greece. Since cost is not high i am really thinking about it. For sure i will need to install cables from the battery to the amp & use an extra fuse. The thing is: can i ins
  2. The car is a 5door version, so there are no speakers in the front doors. There are speakers only in the dashboard & in the back doors. Did not see any tweeters in the A-Pillars. I will disassemble everything today to see exactly what speakers there are on the car. Something does not feel right (maybe i made a mistake somewhere). It is not my car, so i do everything step by step & i do not have a lot of info at hand. Regardless of the brand (will check later), should i buy dual cone, 2-way or 3-way speakers? Or should i make a "mix"? Let's say 2-way in dashboard &a
  3. Good day! I can confirm the issue was the Power IC! Thanks a lot 😄 Now i am looking into the settings to see what i can do to make it play better. Sound is better than when i was using the original HU but the speakers should be crap. It is a 5 door aygo, so i can see it has 2 x 10" speakers in the dashboard & should have 2 more 10" in the rear doors. No tweeters in the A-Pillars. I am planning to buy new ones but i am not sure what is the best option here. Should i buy dual cone, 2-way or 3-way speakers? Or should i make a "mix"? Also, at the back doors, is it better to put
  4. So, no need to plug in somewhere the mini iso connector since it is aux in, right? Most probably it has to do with the Power IC you mentioned. I had installed it to my corolla a few years ago, where i have an external AMP. So, i will have to turn this on, if it is off! Most probably it should be offI had no idea, because they had installed/configured it in the shop i bought the alpine from. Will check tomorrow or day after tomorrow & i will revert with the outcome. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello - i removed the "original" radio from the car & installed an Alpine headunit. It's the CDE-123R. Seems the car comes from the factory with an iso adapter, so i connected the speakers/power without any issues. Moreover, the alpine radio already has an adaptor for the antenna, so this was connected as well. Thing is that the radio could be turned on but no sound came from the speakers. I saw that there was one more cable, that i really did not know where to connect it & i think this was the problem. You may also check this - the diagram says line out. What am
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