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  1. Sealiedog


    Anything else happened on this? I've got the same thing, installed and showing 1 years subscription when I thought I should get 3. Directed to my.toyota.eu,which says the service is discontinued, then nothing.
  2. Got it, thank you.
  3. I'm new here myself, but have you tried standard cruise rather than the radar version? I believe its a long press on the on button, and the symbol on the dash is slightly different.
  4. Mine came with Toyo Proxes 3 weeks ago, so I guess they've changed.
  5. I came from a Ford with their white noise sound deadening technology to my Rav4. I find there is quite a lot of tyre noise compared to some cars I've had, particularly the Ford, and especially on some road surfaces. The tyres might not be helping, mines on Toyo Proxes.
  6. I find the satnav OK after a few hiccups. Waze etc. are good, but the built in is more convenient, nothing has to be plugged in, and I like having the map in front of me even when not navigating.
  7. Not sure what factory order time is, but there seems to be a bit of stock around at the moment. I'd check with your dealer though, there might be a bit of a rush with lockdown ending.
  8. I got mine in 10 days. Excel in a choice of 4 colours.
  9. I've found the "increase volume with road speed" setting, it's called Automatic sound levelling. There's an awful lot of stuff that's not in the manual they give you. I've found the downloadable manuals on the Toyota website they're a lot bigger.
  10. I use Android phones but I've never used Android Auto. I can't be bothered to faff around getting the phone out and plugging it in. I might try it though for longer trips. The satnav works OK, it just seems weird that they've left out things that pretty much every other built in satnav has. It doesn't seem to have road speed volume increase for the radio either, which is something I had on every car in the last 25 years.
  11. Hi, I've just collected my Excel AWD. All good so far, except for some annoying omissions in the satnav, unless I just can't find how to adjust it. Does the satnav not mute or lower the media volume when an instruction is spoken? I think they missed a trick having the 2 black sections on the sides of the map instead of using all the screen for the map and just overlaying the info onto it. I think the car is great, but the ICE let's it down somewhat. I've come from a big Ford and the multimedia unit in that was a nicer unit than this one which lets the car down a bit in my opinion.
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