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  1. Today I made a 95 mile trip to Wakefield. The system announced that I was being rerouted due to traffic at least 40 times, some of them just a few seconds apart. When I got there I input a street called Towngate which I knew was 2 miles away. Several choices came up and the nearest one was in Barnsley! I haven't tried to use voice since a few weeks after I got the car, life is too short. It's a poor and outdated system which lets a great car down.
  2. Same here, my last car was a Ford Edge, very quiet with Ford's noise cancelling technology which is very effective. The RAV4 is not terrible, but I'm aware of it all the time.
  3. I don't think it's the tyres that are especially noisy, it's more the car that's the problem in my view. I agree with you that it's off putting. I don't think I'd buy another unless the sound insulation improves. I thought I'd get used to it but I haven't.😏
  4. Mine was registered late April so I guess they've missed me out.
  5. I used one like that years ago, they were called Autoaid if I remember correctly. I've got a quote from Green flag for £38, I might go with that. I'm not expecting to use it unless I have a puncture.
  6. Do Toyota contact us when the breakdown cover on a new car runs out? I believe it's a year they give you free , but my year's just passed and I've had no contact from anybody.
  7. Same here, Toyo tyres. I thought I'd get used to the road noise, but I haven't. It will put me off another RAV4. I don't do enough miles to make new tyres a viable proposition.
  8. I agree about the road noise, and mine is on Toyo Proxes.
  9. I get what you're saying. Personally I think there should be a separate forum for the PHEV maybe, or one for current models only. I've only been here a year myself with my Excel AWD Hev. The good news is your miles to go should be over 500 rather 400.😁
  10. Wouldn't you want to keep the tyre and source a wheel to put it on for your spare?
  11. You don't get a spare now with an Excel whether you have a Pano roof or not.
  12. It's a very smooth vehicle. Maybe a little more road noise than I'd like, and for me the suspension is a bit firm, but I'm used to larger heavier vehicles than this. Overall it's a very good car.
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