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  1. Same here, my last car was a Ford Edge, very quiet with Ford's noise cancelling technology which is very effective. The RAV4 is not terrible, but I'm aware of it all the time.
  2. I don't think it's the tyres that are especially noisy, it's more the car that's the problem in my view. I agree with you that it's off putting. I don't think I'd buy another unless the sound insulation improves. I thought I'd get used to it but I haven't.😏
  3. Mine was registered late April so I guess they've missed me out.
  4. I used one like that years ago, they were called Autoaid if I remember correctly. I've got a quote from Green flag for £38, I might go with that. I'm not expecting to use it unless I have a puncture.
  5. Do Toyota contact us when the breakdown cover on a new car runs out? I believe it's a year they give you free , but my year's just passed and I've had no contact from anybody.
  6. Same here, Toyo tyres. I thought I'd get used to the road noise, but I haven't. It will put me off another RAV4. I don't do enough miles to make new tyres a viable proposition.
  7. I agree about the road noise, and mine is on Toyo Proxes.
  8. I get what you're saying. Personally I think there should be a separate forum for the PHEV maybe, or one for current models only. I've only been here a year myself with my Excel AWD Hev. The good news is your miles to go should be over 500 rather 400.😁
  9. Wouldn't you want to keep the tyre and source a wheel to put it on for your spare?
  10. You don't get a spare now with an Excel whether you have a Pano roof or not.
  11. It's a very smooth vehicle. Maybe a little more road noise than I'd like, and for me the suspension is a bit firm, but I'm used to larger heavier vehicles than this. Overall it's a very good car.
  12. My last 12 cars have been AWD or 4WD. My point of view is that AWD is going to be safer in some conditions and that's probably my main reason to always go for it.
  13. I wouldn't count on that, Imperial College have published a big study that shows a previous infection gives you 19‰ protection from the new variant. Hopefully it will prove to be less dangerous than delta, but until more of the world is vaccinated it will keep mutating.
  14. My Hev AWD Excel came with Toyo Proxes in April 2021. I saw one in the Toyota showroom 2 weeks ago with the same tyre.
  15. One of the few things I don't like about the HEV is the amount of road noise that comes in. The laminated glass would be a good improvement on all models I think. My last car was a Ford that had laminated glass and a system that generated white noise that supposedly "cancelled out" noise coming into the cabin. It was quieter than my Rav4 despite being a diesel. I think my tyres are quite noisy too, Toyo Proxes.
  16. Sealiedog

    CHG mode

    I believe it could be handy if you're towing a caravan or something and you've got some hills coming up. Outlander PHEV owners do that according to the forums.
  17. Having been in an Outlander forum for some years, I've read about people driving up mountains in the Alps, sometimes even towing caravans. I'd guess the software in the RAV4 is similar. The Outlander reserves 20-30‰ battery too which it draws on when more power is required. It then replaces the charge as quickly as possible regardless of what settings you use. You could push it into a kind of turtle mode, but most people will never see it. I'd think the RAV4 is similar. With 30‰ in reserve you'd probably have keep your foot to the floor for a few miles to use that up and that seems unlikely for most people.
  18. I believe that only happens if the car has an Internet connection, phone hot-spot in most cases.
  19. I suspect it may be cheaper to buy one and get a local electrician to fit it. 6 years ago I got one free of charge for my Outlander with the grant that was available then. There was a local company where I lived in Devon who told me what the government was paying was way over the top.
  20. It shocked me to find this issue on my 2021 Excel. My first built in satnav was 17 years ago and they've all reduced the radio volume since then. I've overcome it to a degree by having the voice instruction volume very high, but it's ridiculous that a £37000 car doesn't have this very basic facility.
  21. Anything else happened on this? I've got the same thing, installed and showing 1 years subscription when I thought I should get 3. Directed to my.toyota.eu,which says the service is discontinued, then nothing.
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