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  1. I usually replace my summer tires when temperature drops at 7 degrees. I also replace my wheels with steel wheels like the HD wheels that I have. It gives me more stability and less vulnerability to de-icing and salt. I learned my lesson a few years ago when I didn't replace and clean my wheels after winter and salt badly damaged the plating.
  2. Interesting video. Really nice mount though.
  3. I had a hard time looking for original or OEM roof bars and racks. I've decided to get an aftermarket one from 4WheelOnline.
  4. Were you able to find a seat cover?
  5. Build a gaming PC. It's tedious but you'll be surprise how much skills you'll learn from building one. The only downside is that most of the parts were expensive and hard to find like graphics card because of the scalpers. A PS5 would also be a good choice but it's hard to preorder as well because of scalpers.
  6. I've seen Ford Vs Ferrari and it's truly one-of-a-kind I hope to see more of that kind of film instead of action packed car chase like The Fast and The Furious movies.
  7. Hello, Mike. Thank you for the kind welcome.
  8. Were you able to find a second-hand or inexpensive roof rails?
  9. Hello there. I'm new here too.
  10. Greetings. My name is Chris and I'm a newly registered member here. I drive a Toyota Hilux. Glad to be part of this community.
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