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  1. Thanks to all you guys that replied, now problem solved, found on internet exact spec for my year and version, it DID have sat nav fitted, went back to dealer and twisted his arm up his back (not literally)with the written evidence, he has now agreed to fit a brand new aftermarket radio gps audio system at no charge. If you don't ask you don't get. Alex
  2. Possibly but the whole radio was not working, but I do need to know if there was a model without satnav in it before I go and complain about the salesman and make a fool of myself, fair doe's they did fit a new radio albeit rubbish with no sat nav, just trying to find out if i was short changed
  3. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum Just bought an Auris2 Hybrid 2011, is it possible that a TNS510 radio had a version without a satnav in it , when I test drove it I asked why is the sat nav not working, the salesman said we'll fix that. When I came to collect the car there was a JVC unit fitted in place of the toyota one, with no sat nav, on challenging the salesman he claimed the original radio that went wrong didn't have a satnav in it, only a MAP button, in the glovebox was a TNS510 manual so I assume that was the one fitted, did they make a version of this without a satnav, searchi
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