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  1. And here's me with my 49mpg hybrid 😄
  2. crazy prices... I got my excel end September (21 plate) for £8743 to be exact cheaper than Toyota are on website for it new today. Saying that I did get discount to start but not sure why anyone would purchase directly on their site !
  3. https://www.privilege.com/car-insurance is where I done both mine and wifes. Price was great.
  4. Great ! Wife is with start rescue I might just join her !
  5. I got offered service plan with garage but as used carwow and garage was too far I just pay £24pm which works out more than the lump sum but does come with added benefits. As for the roadside assistance I am still within my year but wondered if its wise to take a cheap breakdown policy when car is hybrid or best to keep with toyota plan... interested in view.
  6. With our 4 echos and wife not wanting to move away amazon music unlimited will remain for us but the Spotify works great with Google voice. I can listen to my own playlists in amazon music and random ones but I do like just being able to pick any song on Spotify
  7. Found answer to this.... "Google assistant cannot pick specific music for amazon this only works with spotify"
  8. Perfect!!!! Thank you , always sat until install done !
  9. So we can just download on drive like normally do but the actual install can happen when out and about I never knew this part😂
  10. Bit of a disaster isn't it - can't get it to play anything other than what's in the populated playlists when ask Google. Anyone used Spotify, does this work OK?
  11. Only deposit I had to pay was for my camera and pro protect and it was all on my credit card. If think all is good with garage and doing pcp like I would just go with it but you could tweet Toyota online as there really good at giving opinion
  12. agreed they have been brilliant for me
  13. Only spotted the sub window behind the MPG screen last week where it has the eco score updating every time stop. Now im addicted to it !
  14. Never used it before... did today as was sitting for ages stuck somewhere. Pressed it and took foot off break and it worked. I remembered from previous reading you just press accelerator to "un hold it" which again worked. I noticed whilst driving a green Hold on the dash. I pressed the hold button again and it went off. Just wondered why I had that on screen.. what did I do wrong !
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