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  1. Rav 4 still being built in the factory and im already thinking of how to keep it clean. Does anyone keep their engine bay clean. I never bothered on my old car and just wondered if anyone bothers. I will not be using any form of water - seen a neighbour do this and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Im thinking of some type of spray followed by some kind of wipes.... Anyone got a suggestion or to just not bother. Just adding to my excitement by buying needless things probably haha!
  2. Thank you. crazy the things there saying! thank you
  3. Just for clarity if I get Oil and filter change what type of Filter should I be asking for at the Toyota dealer. I also seen on a Toyota master technician stating at 1000 miles get oil changed as there could normally be small metal parts in it... Where does it stop!!!
  4. THANK YOU - Yes I want to keep the car for MANY years to come. Got a bit concerned when the Toyota US Master Technician said to get it done as a minimum every 5000 if want to keep your car for a long time. If handing it back after 4 years.. keep it to 10k. It got me wondering!
  5. THANK YOU. Yeah it was only once the Kuga hit 120,000 miles did I move to 5k from 10k - thank you I will save the £££
  6. In my old Kuga I would get an oil change done every 5000 miles and my plan is to do the same with the rav4. I noticed on a Toyota master technician video online he suggested to get an oil change done at the 1000 mark after break in at the outset due to the amount of times he has seen small bits of metal in the oil. Is this something many of you have done - or is it a case of if I took it to the dealer they would just look at me as if I was crazy LOL
  7. thank you @philip42h I go into every fine detail too much ! 🙂
  8. I noticed it says in manual to be careful at beginning on driving at the same speed. My Rav4 will be driven by dealer nearly 300 miles to me when it arrives in UK.... Im thinking of telling them DO NOT USE CRUISE CONTROL. But part of me says im telling them how to do their job! what's your thoughts... I did ask Toyota and they said below but just wondered if you would still comment to the dealer !!! Hi Craig, Congratulations on your new car and thanks for choosing Toyota. A Toyota centre will be well aware of the running in period for the vehicle and will a
  9. how does it compare to apple or android car play im thinking of using that instead when mine arrives
  10. brilliant thank you very much @robo1 so any of these will do happy days thank you so much for attaching that for me.
  11. good thinking. I will stick to using the one in fuse box at front and attaching to the nuts that you mention. Without having the car yet I have seen a photo online that shows I think 3 nuts in close proximity ! 🙂
  12. @robo1 do you think this would work with it https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B071F36LXZ/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_3?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1
  13. thank you @FROSTYBALLS for taking the time to reply to me. much appriciated
  14. Thank you @robo1 my Rav is on order so can't check it but I noticed the cables on the GB20 look quite short. Where are you placing the black one. 🙂
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