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  1. OK thanks, will have another search ....
  2. The dashcam I rescued from my previous car is 5v so I would have to wire in a stepdown transformer. My main concern is not obstructing the airbags by placing the cable around the windscreen
  3. I have checked the forum but cannot see this topic? Has anyone fitted a dashcam, where was the power taken from? Routing of the cable .. can it be thread around the windscreen or would this interfere with any airbags? any help gratefully received
  4. oops, sorry! It was my fault not yours ...
  5. Hi AndrueC I have a 1.8 Excel without a spare wheel .. if you ever feel like doing a swap / exchange please let me know! (the spare wheel, not the car!)
  6. Hi, first post, hopefully in the correct place! Collecting my 'new to me' 2020 Corolla on Tuesday. Must admit to being somewhat concerned regarding all the 'flat battery' reports. The advice given is fine during normal circumstances, just drive the car, trickle charge when not using the car BUT what about leaving it for 2 /3 weeks in an airport carpark? Is the car likely to start .. guess it would be worse going on holiday for that length of time when it's cold here! Any comments / ideas / suggestions wecomed (apart from not going on holiday)
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