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  1. I am impressed you check your tyre pressures at 03:00 !!
  2. Or if you have the sunroof, tow bar only!
  3. I was initially going to buy a Lexus UX but couldn't live with a black interior and headlining. The lighter coloured ones were only available with white or brown seats! Also I could get a newer Toyota for the same money so a longer warantee .. then, after I bought the Corolla the 10 year warantee came along! 😏
  4. I have bonnet insulation on my 1.8 HB excel
  5. Yes, the 1.8 excel does have the isulation
  6. I bought my car second hand so didn't have the choice, also not an option on the Excel
  7. When the boot floor is resting on top of the space saver, is it level? Mine is engaged at the moulding behind the rear seats but raised at the boot opening. This could be because I am using a space saver from an Auris, hence my question in a previous post, is the Auris space saver higher, when laying on the ground, than the Corolla item?
  8. I have an Excel so no option available .. unless that has changed now with the latest version?
  9. I know there has been a lot written and a lot of opinions but today I took the plunge and converted my HB boot to hold a spare wheel. I collected the parts mainly online, genuine brand new, but also had some pleasant surprises with main dealer prices. A couple of parts I obtained were second hand, only to discover that I could have bought new for not much more. This is a list of parts I used:- 64997-02120 box, deck floor, LH £7.99 64995-02060 box, deck floor, RH £6.99 6472610020C2 clip for deck floor box (x2) £2 These are the parts that hold the jack, wheel brace etc 64730-02290C1 Panel assembly, deck trim side, RH £39 64740-02280C1 Panel assembly, deck trim side, LH £39 These are the actual side trims in the boot 58410-02060 board assembly, deck £99.99 This is the top, deck floor. 64716-02170 Cover, deck trim, rear spare wheel lock trim £17 (really and genuine Toyota!) This is the plastic trim that goes at the front of the boot near the rear bumper .. it is shaped differently from the non spare wheel version, several members have mentioned ‘a bit of trim in the way preventing the wheel to go in the well.’ It also has 2 holes that the ‘box, deck floor’ attach to. 6407002020C1 (box assembly, deck floor, front) £28.79 second hand ebay 90119-W0037 box assembly, deck floor, front bolt / washer (x2) £2 This fits at the back of the boot by the back seats, the deck floor attaches to it. 58331-02170 Bracket, luggage compartment trim no1 (online £4.99) 58332-02120 Bracket, luggage compartment trim no2 (dealer £4.28 inc vat) These are 2 brackets that fit behind the boot side panels, they secure the top of the ‘box assembly, deck floor, front’ 6474302050C0 (board, deck trim side, lower R/H) 6474402060C0 (board, deck trim side, lower L/H) £21.59 pair second hand ebay (subsequently discovered I could have bought new for practically the same price) These attach to the sides of the boot trim. 58415-02060-C0 (board, rear floor, no1) dealer £10.08 inc vat A piece of carpet/ trim that goes on top of ‘box assembly, deck floor, front’ 5193102320 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Spare Wheel Carrier Screw 2019 – £1 Total cost £284.70, plus various postage, around £300. Forgot to mention .. 1.8 HB, no option of spare wheel.
  10. Reviving my original thread .. I have now owned my vehicle for just over a year and have received no notifications of the 'free' recovery coming to an end, nor any invitation to renew?
  11. I must be old .. none of that means a thing to me! 😒
  12. There are terminals under the bonnet that a boost charger can be connected to.
  13. Me too .. unless pulling out into fast moving traffic, then Sport mode untill I can safely go back to Normal
  14. You could try placing a cardboard box in front of the car and driving up to it ...
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