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  1. Has anyone changed their 18'' Falkens to another brand? If so, any improvement comfort / noise wise?
  2. It shouldn't do, mine will hopefully get done Thursday during it's first service. I believe you can also get 'auto locking' for the doors as you drive away, sure I have read that somewhere on this forum? Again, will find out this Thursday.
  3. I've not experienced a winter with the corolla yet. Not sure about mileage, but if gas prices keep increasing I may stay in the car with the heater on! 😉
  4. I will have to drive to Cheshire for some cheap E10!! 😉
  5. What put me off the Lexus CT200h is cat theft problem. As it's old tech it has the more valuable cat and is easy to get at.
  6. The exact opposite to me then! I bought a genuine Toyota set online that were guaranteed to fit my hatchback .. they didn't! Returned, got a refund and bought them cheaper from a main dealer! They fit as well!
  7. Waze, and Google, can update the maps almost immediately. Just out of interest, how much data is required to run these applications? I realise it depends on how often you use the sat nav but just a ballpark figure. I only use a small amount of data normally and don't really want to spend a lot more money to upgrade the package
  8. no bread crumbs either .. unless I mistook them for a railway line! 😁
  9. following on from the SatNav topic, I would like the option of being able to priotise A roads rather than B and farm tracks!
  10. ... I resorted to using something I carry around in the boot, I don't know whether anyone has heard of it as it's old tech now, a road map! Get close to the destination and then turn on the satnav for the last bit. Seemed to work ok. 😁
  11. I have just returned from a week in Norfolk and thanks to the satnav, must have been down every narrow, single track road in the county! As you say, the 3 options given for the chosen destination disappears far too quickly. But even if it stayed longer, which option would keep me on main roads?
  12. Nice, time will soon pass until its arrival, honest!
  13. Sounds like the dealer 'never seen / heard of that before' senario as there are 2 cases of it happening mentioned in this post. All very well trying to find a remedy, surely finding what the cause is more key to the issue. Obviously should not happen on vehicles only a year old.
  14. This was a 'tongue in cheek' comment as the original post says:- 'Auto folding headlights happens on my 2019 Design spec car.'
  15. agree with the list so far. Basically the options that are available in countries other than the UK. I would also like the option of a lighter coloured roof lining, rather than just black. The option of having 17 inch wheels on the Excel model. the option of HUD on the excel model the option of a spare wheel on the excel model. Sure I will think of some more ....
  16. Hmm, 'government' and 'truth' and so close together! 😉
  17. ... and maybe remove the Hybrid badges, thieves are not always too bright and may pass you by!
  18. I don't have the padlock on mine, goes from fuel / mileage to where to ..
  19. all the E5 pumps were 'out of order' where I filled up!
  20. just filled up with E10, will see if any noticeable difference!
  21. Maybe this is why in a recent survey Toyota satisfaction / reliability has slipped to 5th position? I haven't seen many complaints on this forum regarding problems so must admit I found this result surprising ,,,, Lexus came out top
  22. 50p

    Road Noise

    I have the 18 inch wheels and the Falken tyres show as being 69Db ....
  23. Hi Phill and welcome! Have you recently updated the map? When i is updated via Wi-Fi it seems the speed cameras stop working and you get limited maps, eg GB, IE. They should return if you update using USB and you will get more maps!
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