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  1. Thanks mate, yes that seems to confirm it. Looks like the wheels (195/70/R15) are too large resulting in a 13.3% inaccuracy in the speedo!
  2. Looks like the wheels sizes are different. The spare looks original and is an R14, whilst the fitted wheels are R15. They also look to have a larger tyre size. So this could be it!
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply! Yes, I’ll check the wheels out as I think they are not originals. I will drop the spare down and see if the measurements are different.
  4. Hey all, My wife and I recently bought a 2004 LWB Hiace to convert into a Campervan. It's a solid vehicle and a great platform to use. We've performed an initial conversion and took it away for two weeks just recently and enjoyed using it very much. However, I have noticed that that speedo is registering upto about 8km/hr slower than what you're travelling at according to my GPS. At slow speeds the difference is hardly noticeable, but it gets worse as you get faster. At 100kph it's registering about 92kph. I've had vehicles with inaccurate speedos before but they have always overesti
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