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  1. Hey, I myself am self-employed as a parquet layer and use my vehicle for many transports. I also thought about which in-vehicle system would be the best. I decided on the FR5 system from Sortimo. https://www.mysortimo.us/en_US/products/van-racking The large, compact drawers make it possible to quickly stow away all items. In addition, the whole thing also looks highly professional. I hope that I could help you further 🙂
  2. In addition to the antimicrobial coating, you can also use a ceramic sealant.
  3. Or have you ever had any experiences which you would like to share:)
  4. Do you have a recommendation for me?
  5. I also think that an official garage service of Lotus was the best choice for you. 🙂
  6. Hey everyone, I've been thinking about installing a roof rack for quite some time. My problem is that I do not know exactly which system and from which brand is good. I myself drive a Proace from 2020 I look forward to your tips and suggestions 🙂
  7. Welcome, I am also new to the forum and hope for good conversations and sensational tips from the community
  8. Hey all my name is tobi and I just registered. I drive a Toyota Proace myself and hope for a good conversation. 😃
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