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  1. Thanks @flash22 I just took one off and found it was a 'Nitro' brand, probably a cheapy. I picked up a set of Monroe TDT - 16-1702 only to find the bushing in the bottom mount is a mile too small for my mounting bolts! Back to the store tomorrow for (hopefully) an exchange.
  2. Hi all, Looking for advice on some durable front shocks for my 1995 extra cab (LN106). I'm considering something from the range available at Repco, possible a Monroe TDT - 16-1702 I got around 100,000 km out of the current set, but I have know idea what they are, but they're yellow in colour so just a guess they are a Monroe. What's your experience with the Monroe shocks I mentioned, or any others to consider/avoid? Thanks in advance. Col
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