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  1. So I'm looking to buy a gen 2 Prius. Dealer says his 05 T Spirit doesn't have reversing camera, but photos of an 07 T Spirit show a reversing camera. Did Prius only get a reversing camera after 05, or is the dealer wrong?
  2. Hi all, I’m new here - because I don’t own a Toyota - yet! I’ve never driven a Toyota (only aged Mercedes estates or vans), but I’ve read up about them on the internet and they sound like what I want. I’m looking into buying an imported Estima 2.4 petrol/electic hybrid. I’m looking for one with 5 years/50,000 miles of life in it, so maybe an early third generation, from 2006 onwards. But I’ve still got some questions - can anyone help with the answers? …. If I get an Estima, is there an English translation of the owner’s guide? Can I deliberately switch betwe
  3. ...and thinking about making my next car an Estima
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