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  1. Hi guys, bought a corolla a couple of weeks ago as a cheap run about but it needs new shock absorbers it is a 1999, t reg, 1.3 s with the 4e-fe engine does any body know where i can get new shocks from with out having to go to mr t? cheers Jay
  2. WOW what an animal anyone notice what the yellow flags where for at about 13.5 minutes in?
  3. no idea mate but dont particularly like it, lol, looks a bit tacky with that highly visible screw sticking out like a sore thumb
  4. lol, cheers, old git eh :(
  5. the mr2 has no fan belt :P
  6. you need electrically adjustable headlamp leveller and and headlamp washers to 'legally' use xenon lights hth Jay
  7. seen hulk hogans car on one of the supra forums over 1000hp Jay
  8. Hi guys and gals, been lurking around for a while but only had my mr2 for about 3 weeks. Got a slight oil leak at the mo (getting fixed tomoz) so not really had chance to push it much, still, what a car, WHAT A F***KING CAR, i'm in love :) Had 1 or 2 frights coming out of the corners and its still on low boost Broke down on me once already, had to call AA :( though i'm hoping that problem is fixed now after replacing ignition components. Not really planning much in the style department (except lightweight alloys and maybe some carbon fibre goodies) in fact, if it doesnt make my car either go faster/handle better or stop better it probably isnt right for my car Usually hang around on the imoc if anyone recognises the name, anyways, heres the spec and some pics - 1994 Rev3 GT T-bar Turbo 78k, 8k since engine rebuild by GDA in Kent 1 previous UK owner since import by Newera in '01 Comes with standard double din stereo + cd changer to be replaced when i have relocated the ebc Mongoose exhaust Hayward and scott de cat pipe Apexi power intake Owens hybrid turbo JE forged pistons Jun rods Jun flywheel RPS clutch HKS headgasket HKS fcd ARP main bolts, rod bolts, head studs/bolts Greddy Profec B Ebc Greddy Boost and EGT gauges Eibach springs -30mm SO2 tyres front SO3 tyres rear Clear clusters + side repeaters Toad cat1 alarm/immob have a rolling road printout showing 305bhp (flywheel) on owens dyno but that was 19psi with spearco intercooler, now 17psi on standard intercooler so should be about 270-280 i reckon
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